One Race success

On the 17th March 2017 we ran our first Hallam One Race event!

The event was organised by our International Students' Rep, Theo Nwankwo, to showcase the diversity of our students, this is what Theo had to say about the event:

"Hallam One Race was fantassssssstic and there were so many great people who made this a success.

Special thanks to the Chinese Society, Mary Rumyantseva, the Indian Society, Vietnamese, Improv Comedy Society, AIM Performance Society, African fashion Representation, all your performances were super amazing, informative and entertaining. You all put in time and hard work training, it was obvious with the great display and it was an absolute delight watching all performances.

We had a thrilling diverse host team; HE Herbert, Sam Pelham, Arzu Yazadzhieva & Adam Clegg - You guys were brilliant, spontaneous and engaging. Thank you.

Thanks to Ru'bn Reng, Sabiyah Rafiq, Patrick Pee, Eliot Stanton, Josh Levinn, Le Anh Hoang Phuong, Rasika Raghunath, Frances M, Aisha Khann & Abi Prettyman for the pictures and video promo participation. Thanks also to everyone who liked, shared, and promoted the event. Also to our photography support team, thank you for your graciousness.

A big thanks to everyone who joined us to celebrate culture and talent, as we promoted peace and diversity."

Sheriff Muhammed (our International Students Rep elect) will take this as a part of his role next year, along with next year's President (Luke Renwick) & Activities Officer (Beth Howden) in the hope of making the One Race celebration an even greater, bigger and more colourful event. #HallamOneRace #WeAreHallam