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Your Student Officer Team are busy preparing for the arrival of new students as Welcome Week approaches! Find out what work they’ve put in to represent you and your academic interests.

Sheriff - President

Printing Costs

There are so many hidden costs at University that you don’t know about until you’ve started, and your Student Officers are passionate about reducing and removing them. Following a University-wide survey, I’ve taken student feedback and ideas to propose ways to reduce printing costs. I’m still negotiating with the University on the best way to move this forward but so far the options include: reducing current printing costs overall, providing a printing allowance for those submitting final year dissertations, developing a Printing Hardship Allowance through the Students’ Union, or providing a printing allowance for students who have to print a disproportionately large amount. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on our progress.


One of the key roles of your Student Officers is to lead and support campaigns to improve the lives of Sheffield Hallam Students. This month I’ve been working with the rest of the team, as well as your reps, to develop plans for Black History Month, the Mind Your Head mental health campaign and declaring a Climate Emergency. I can’t wait to share our exciting plans with Students and work with you to make change happen on campus. If we work together, we can really make things happen.


Faizan - Activities Officer

Room Bookings

As our community of student Societies grows, it’s becoming harder for groups to find rooms to book. I’ve listened to Society committee members who struggle to find space and am pleased to say that I’ve been able to work with the Activities Team in the Students’ Union and the Room Bookings Team at the University to expand the amount and variety of rooms available for Societies to book. I hope this helps you to plan activities on campus and get the spaces you need!

Drop-in Sessions

Whilst the Student Activities Team are able to help with all sorts of things for Societies, sometimes it’s good to be able to talk to someone who’s run their own Society at Hallam. This month I set up drop-in sessions for anyone to come and chat to me about starting a new society, getting help with issues within their Society or talking about the amazing work they’ve been doing. It’s been great to talk to Society members and get their perspective on things! If you’d like to drop in, I’m available every Tuesday between 11am-12pm and Thursday between 3pm-4pm in the Officers Office in the HUBS.

National Contacts

We LOVE meeting Officers from other Students’ Unions and earlier this month it was great to visit Lincoln SU to meet their team and discuss plans for the year ahead. We got to look around their Union building and swap ideas on how to complete our manifesto points.


Lauren - Welfare and Community Officer

Student Safety

I attended a meeting with local bars, clubs and other organisations from Sheffield to review the Tramlines Fringe festival and how companies can ensure the safety of the public. This was a good opportunity to network with business we may be working with, as well as staying up to date with South Yorkshire Police in Sheffield. We also met Paul Blomfield MP as a group, and he gave me some useful information and contacts regarding the Sexual Violence Survivors Group I am setting up in conjunction with the SHU Wellbeing Team.

Feezible Fresherz! Budgeting for New Students

Finances are such a huge worry for students, particularly those coming to University for the first time so I created a blog with helpful resources on budgeting, getting help with money and more. It can be found on our website, right here! Remember that if you’re having issues with money, you can always contact our free, independent Student Advice Centre for support.

Digital Learning Technology

Myself and your Education Officer Andrew attended a University steering group for learning analytics which is going to be launching soon. The software aims to analyse student data in order to improve the student experience. With such a focus on data privacy and machine learning at the moment, it’s essential for the voice of students to be represented and it was good for us to be part of the conversation.


Ellis - Sports and Physical Activity Officer

Sports Club Training

I’ve been working with Team Hallam to organise better training and support for committees throughout the coming year. Time and money has been invested into this event to ensure committees are equipped to fulfil their roles, but also so that they can capitalise on the benefits of being a club committee member. I am really looking forward to the event and getting the 2019/2020 Team Hallam group together.

University Sports Strategy

The go ahead has been given for a new Sport and Physical Activity Strategy to be developed by various stakeholders for the coming years. I am really keen to get started on this as I know that as an institution we have unbelievable potential to really excel within HE sport and physical activity. I also realise this strategy will be integral in ensuring that current and future Hallam students are able to have an unforgettable university experience as a result of the sporting offer Sheffield Hallam University provides. 

BUCS Yorkshire

The UK's universities and colleges that participate in BUCS are split into regions around the UK. Each region meets up throughout the year to work on projects together, share best practice and talk all things sport. This week I found out I was elected the chair of Yorkshire!

Club Support

I have been providing support to various clubs and athletes to ensure they are able to make the progress they wish to be made through 2019/20. I have worked particularly closely with the Women's American Football team to support them in their vision for the year. Elsewhere, planning is well underway for Varsity 2020 with improvements based on student feedback at the top of the agenda.


Andrew - Education Officer

Library Services and Hallam Help

I met the Library and Hallam Help support teams to voice student concerns with their services including; improvements to accessibility of library gateway, training for staff on discrimination, facility cleanliness, promotion of the Skills Centre, a quiet listening room available at all times and improvements to access for disabled students within the library. The Students’ Union will represent students’ views on a regular basis at Library service meetings in the future – let me know if you’d like anything to be raised.


I had a meeting with the University on how to improve the Student academic experience by ensuring that timetables work for students. Last year’s Student Voice Report provided suggestions to the University on improving their systems and I suggested that these need to be adhered to. While there has been some improvement in the timetabling prepared for next academic year and a new group has been formed to oversee this, I will ensure to continue fighting for students and access to better timetabling support.

NUS Conference

Your Officer team attended the NUS Lead and Change training conference in Leeds. It was so exciting to meet Student Officers from across the country and see so many student leaders in one place. We all gained valuable knowledge and contacts that will be of use to us not only throughout this academic year, but throughout our future careers.