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National Vegetarian Week: Veggie swaps & recipes!


As part of National Vegetarian Week, we’ve searched the web for ideas on what you can cook, whether you’re a seasoned veggie or someone trying it for the first time. The following ideas are based on finding alternatives for where meat might often be used, showing you delicious ways to make those meals veggie!



Not always everyone’s favourite vegetable, the often under-appreciated cauliflower has found fans in many vegetarians. This is because it’s so versatile. People have been using it to substitute chicken in dishes, like a roast cauliflower curry, as well as making cauliflower steaks or even roasting a whole cauliflower to replace a roast chicken on a Sunday dinner. The trick with this kitchen gem is to season it well with whatever you like and roast it if the meal allows because roasting can get you the best out of its flavour. Here’s a great recipe for Cauliflower wings.



Again, this can be a bit of a controversial one as not everyone likes a mushroom. Like with many ingredients, it’s all down to how you cook them. Just like the trusty cauliflower, mushrooms are a great replacement for chunks of chicken. Large flat mushrooms brushed in butter, seasoned and grilled make for a tasty alternative to steak. Another thing mushrooms are great for is replacing beef mince! Here’s a recipe for tacos made this way, but you can adapt the recipe to make a perfect chilli or pasta dish.



You might know that chickpeas are a key ingredient in the elite dip houmous. You might also know that they work well in a curry, but something veggie chefs have realised chickpeas are really good for is replacing tuna! Yep, chickpeas mashed and mixed with the right kind of ingredients can help you get that tuna taste and texture for sandwiches, salads and pasta! Here’s a recipe you could try.


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