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National Mocktail Week: Our recipe picks!


If you haven’t heard, it’s NATIONAL MOCKTAIL WEEK! Just the treat we need to warm this January right up.

Now whether you’re well into dry Jan by now, never normally drink or perhaps just enjoy a good beverage, this one is for you! If somehow you’ve never had one (WHY?!) a mocktail is simply a non-alcoholic cocktail, popular with drivers and non-drinkers, designed to be just as delicious as any other! We’ve searched high and low for simple and tasty recipes for you to experiment with and here’s some of our favourites…



This classic is so easy to make. Simply start by adding lime wedges, fresh mint and 30ml of sugar syrup to a glass of your choice and muddle these together. Add ice to the glass and then stir, then finally top with Soda water (Swap this for lemonade if you’re not a fan) and then garnish with more fresh mint. DELICIOUS! Watch how to make a mojito here.

Passion Fruit Martini

A modern favourite made alcohol free! If you want to go all out and unleash your inner cocktail magician, follow this recipe. Begin by adding the insides of two passion fruits into a cocktail shaker, then add lemon juice, one egg white, 100ml of alcohol-free spirit, two teaspoons of sugar syrup and then shake until the mix is frothy. Add ice to the mix, shake again and then strain into your martini glasses, before topping with sparkling grape juice and adding a garnish of a passion fruit half.

If you want something similar for less effort, here’s our take on that popular drink. Get either passionfruit juice or syrup, or even tropical fruit juice if you can’t find these, then simply shake with ice to get it nice and cool, maybe with sugar syrup if you like it sweet, then add to your glass and top with either lemonade or cream soda and enjoy! View the full recipe here.

Espresso Martini

If you enjoy a strong and sophisticated drink, you might like this alcohol free espresso martini! Add ice to your shaker and top with the amount of cold espresso you’d like. Then add half as much cold water and half as much vanilla or sugar syrup as the coffee. Shake well and then strain into your cooled glass, garnish with a coffee bean or two, or if you’ve not any on hand, maybe a small sprinkling of chocolate. Watch how to make an espresso martini here.

Mulled Apple Juice

This winter warmer is the perfect replacement for mulled wine and cider and better yet, it’s really easy to make! All you have to do is simmer apple juice with unwaxed orange peel, cinnamon, cloves and something to sweeten the taste. Simmer this till the flavours have infused, usually around 5 to 10 minutes, and then you’re good to go. This can be garnished with a little bit of orange peel or a cinnamon stick. View the full recipe here.


If you want to expand your bartender knowledge further, more delicious recipes can be found on BBC’s Good Food website here.


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