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NSMW: Our Money Saving Tips


As part of National Student Money Week, we want to offer our tips on ways to help yourself save money as a student:


Let your culinary skills save you money

This can be done by freezing leftovers rather than throwing them away or even better, batch cook and have meals to last you days, meaning less shopping and making better use of what you’ve already bought.


Make an effort to change spending habits

The obvious one is to just BUDGET, but we get it’s not always that easy. If you need help with this, you could start a budget journal (or just write it down on your phone) and set a realistic limit and keep track of what you spend. Beyond regular budgeting you can make a noticeable difference by just trying to spend a little less each day, or designate a day each week where you decide not to spend any money.


Shop around and look for more affordable services

Paying more for your phone bill than you really need? There are brands out there that offer rolling month contracts you can leave at any time with lots of data for £10 a month. If you travel a lot, consider changing your mode of transport if it reduces the cost a little just for a slightly extended travel time, or simply walk or cycle if it’s close enough –  it’s free and good for the environment!


Look for offers!

An extremely obvious one and of course looking for offers and buying from sales saves you money, but if you get into the habit of waiting for sales for things you don’t need right away and using vouchers and coupons to reduce shopping costs, you’ll soon start being more mindful of your spends.


Rail and bus cards help a bunch

If you travel a lot and haven’t got one of these – WHY NOT?


Ask stores if they do student discount

It’s so easy to forget that many places offer around a 10% discount and most of these will just accept your Hallam ID card as proof of student status. It might not seem like a huge difference if you’re buying something that’s relatively cheap, but if you’ve got your eye on a nice new jacket that’s £100, you may as well use that discount! Lots of stores and online shops will sometimes up their discount to 20% for a limited time, e.g at Christmas, which is even better!


Swap vintage shops for charity shops

If you’re low on money but like your vintage looks, be sure to browse your local charity shops. You’ll often find cool items or ones you can adapt and make your own for much less than you would in a vintage shop and the best part is while you’re saving money, you’re also going to be helping fund charities and reducing your impact on the environment.


For more advice on money and budgeting click here, and why not attend the upcoming webinars from National Student Money Week on financial planning on 23 and 25 February.


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