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NSMW: Finding work during the pandemic


Finding a job can be quite hard at the best of times, especially during a pandemic. As most non-essential businesses aren’t open to the public, it's become extra difficult to find jobs to fit around student lifestyles. Here’s our advice…


Be proactive when looking for part-time work

We know that when you’re out of work, people will automatically suggest supermarkets and will probably say ‘they’re crying out for support at the minute’. We understand that this isn’t always that easy, many people are in similar positions so these job roles can get filled up fast. We’d suggest checking once every couple of days to see if anything comes up in your local supermarkets and if something does come up, apply! If you’re still doing your shop in-person, you could also ask in store. Other part-time jobs which tend to work with student hours include delivery drivers, fast-food workers and campus jobs – keep your eye out on Unihub for jobs based in and around the University.


Don’t avoid a remote working job

Don’t be scared of working from home. It might feel different, but that’s how it is for many jobs at the minute so don’t be put off. It might seem strange or nerve-wracking at first, but it can have many advantages like not having the cost of travel, the comfort of being at home, getting to blast whatever music you want while you work and maybe the company of a pet if you have one. Have a look on Unihub for WFH jobs as many come and go quickly. Examples of WFH jobs include student brand ambassador, part-time social media assistant or copywriter for local companies. You can also still work in customer service from home and you may want to apply for a customer service adviser role, dealing with customer queries and needs over the phone or online.


Don't take rejection personally

If you haven't had much luck when applying for jobs, don’t give up and remember to not take rejection personally! It can be difficult and often exhausting when looking for a job, spending hours job hunting when it feels like there are barely any positions and then not getting anywhere with the ones you apply for. When you’re feeling like this, it’s important to take a step back, remember that many people are doing the same right now so not getting a response isn’t a reflection on you. Remember, while you aren’t working, you’re doing an amazing thing by staying home to help keep people safe.


If you’re having any money worries and need advice, check out our self-help guide on funding from the Student Advice Centre. If the support you need isn't included in this guide and you would like to speak to someone, you can arrange an online appointment with one of our advisers.


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