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It's not too late to do Dry Jan!


As a common New Years' resolution, many people get involved with Dry January, where people go a month without drinking any alcohol. Many people do this to reduce how much they drink, others try to save money and many do it for health reasons. We know we’re already well into January now, but we want you to know it’s not too late to give Dry Jan a go!

The benefits of this generally include:

  • Increased self-awareness when it comes to alcohol consumption
  • Improved sleep
  • More energy and increased concentration
  • General health benefits
  • Good for saving money


Many of your favourite alcoholic drinks such as beers, ciders and wines have non-alcoholic versions that can be found in most supermarkets, so keep an eye out for these! There’s always soft drinks like sparkling juices and speciality fizzy drinks that fill that gap too. A fun alternative to having an alcoholic drink is making your own mocktails! We’ve gathered some great recipes that can be found here.


More can be found about the effects of reducing alcohol consumption here, as well as support on the NHS website here.


Now whether you want to start giving Dry January a go now, or simply want to reduce your consumption, we can guarantee you’ll feel the benefits! However, if you feel you need more information, visit our website here.

For advice and support from our Student Advice Centre on alcohol consumption. If you feel that you want to talk to someone about issues concerning this topic, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Student Advice Centre where you can arrange an online appointment with one of our advisers.


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