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Hallam Safety Net: Sign the petition

A message from Sheffield Hallam Students' Union President, Sheriff Muhammed:

On 29 April your elected student representatives voted to endorse a campaign for a Hallam Safety Net.

Covid-19 has had an unprecedented impact on our studies, and as it stands, we believe large numbers of Hallam students will be significantly disadvantaged this academic year. The University has taken some steps to avoid this, but your elected student representatives just don’t think it’s enough. We want a full safety net that guarantees our hard work from semester 1 won’t go to waste.  

This full safety net would mean that, as long as you pass semester 2, your grades can only stay the same as semester 1 or be improved

Many other universities have taken this step to protect their students’ grades – we believe Hallam can and should, too. You can read our full statement here. If you agree Hallam students deserve a full safety net, sign the petition and add your voice to the thousands of students already calling for a #HallamSafetyNet

Sign the petition now