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Hallam Safety Net: An update from your Officers

We are pleased to announce the assessment support available to all Sheffield Hallam students. We have been waiting for all teaching and support staff to get up to date before sharing fully. As an officer team, we have spent the last 2 months talking with the SHU Leadership Team alongside the Safety Net Campaign team to provide extra academic support to our students for their assessments while respecting that many courses at Sheffield Hallam have external accreditations that have certain criteria that much be achieved by students for their degree to be valid.

This support is available to all levels of study from foundation to post-grad (levels 3-7). Please follow this link https://www.shu.ac.uk/current-students/assessment-support for more information on how to apply or request for assessment support.

The below graphic walks through the support at each stage and how you can access it. This support strengths our current extenuating circumstances process. The most important words are:

RESD (10-day extension to the deadline) - no evidence is required and you get a 10-day extension on your original assessment deadline.

RRAA (request to repeat assessment attempt) – this means if you put one of these in then you can request to do this assessment again if you feel it hasn’t gone well. If you are then submitting for a RRAA, we suggest that you tick the box that states you are not providing evidence, and in the comment box that asks why, state "COVID19".

We then advise that you keep working on your assignment and submit as soon as possible, so you can avoid all of your RRAA deadlines bunching up together in July. If it helps, think of this as rolling ten day extensions until your final deadline - keep giving yourself ten more days until you are done.

SU Officer team and Hallam Safety Net