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Hallam Award - Katie goes for gold!


Katie Dudgeon is a third year Events Management student who is currently completing the Hallam Award. Throughout her time at University, she has been involved in several extra-curricular activities which she has been able to use for the Hallam Award. At the moment, Katie has completed her Bronze and Silver which she has managed to do in just a few months, and is now working towards her Gold Award. Here, she tells us about her Hallam Award journey and why she thinks it's beneficial to all students…


How did you hear about the Hallam Award and what made you decide to do it?

I heard about the Hallam Award through the Students' Union and had a chat with the SU staff about what it is and how you can get involved. A lot of students would usually find out what extra-curricular activities they can do first before starting the Hallam Award but as I'm a third year student, I've already been involved with a lot of activities whilst being at University. These have included being part of a society, volunteering with St Luke's Hospice, working as student staff for the Societies team at the SU and also managing my own events business. As I had already done quite a few extra-curricular activities, it made sense to put all of this into the Hallam Award, which will boost my CV when I start looking for graduate jobs and look really good to employers.


How did your extra-curricular activities help you to develop your Graduate Attributes?

As I was already involved with extra-curricular activities when I started the Hallam Award, it was easy for me to reflect on what I had done and how I could use my experiences to choose my attributes and develop those I had already gained. I only realised how much I had actually progressed in myself when I started the Hallam Award, as it allows you to really reflect on everything you've done.


How did you find the process of completing the Hallam Award?

I found the Hallam Award so easy to do that I managed to complete both my Bronze and Silver Awards in the space of three months. It's almost like a job application where you talk about your experiences, your skills and how you have developed. Once you have chosen your activities to focus on and picked your attributes, you just have to provide evidence on what you did and how you did it. What's also great about the Hallam Award is that when you're filling it out, you can save it and come back to it later, as you don't have to complete it all at once.


How do you think the Hallam Award will help you after University?

The Hallam Award is something that I can use to build my CV and show how I have developed key attributes and qualities which many employers look for. Also, a lot of employers won’t have heard about the award before and will probably want to know more about it, so it's definitely something that I can talk about when applying for a job or at a job interview. As well as this, employers often want to know about your experience, the skills you have developed and how you can utilise all of this in the job you are applying for. The Hallam Award is a brilliant way to show to employers all of the things I've done outside of my course and how I have progressed by being involved with these things, which will make anyone who has done the award stand out when looking for future jobs.


Do you have any advice to students who are thinking about doing the Hallam Award?

I would recommend the Hallam Award to any student as it's a really simple process and you can base it on any extra-curricular activities you might have already done. Something as simple as attending a Give It A Go taster session can count towards completing your Bronze Award, you just have to explain what you did and how you developed your chosen attributes. The Hallam Award is also recognised at graduation so if you've completed it and got a Gold Award, this will be read out after your name has been called out. Everyone then knows that you've done it and it sounds really good!


Are you a member of a society, a volunteer, a student Rep or student staff? Then you've probably already earned your Bronze Hallam Award! To find out more on how you can make your CV stand out and get a great job after you graduate, drop into The HUBS and have a chat with our Skills & Training team or visit blogs.shu.ac.uk/hallamaward. Remember, if you're a first year student, you will automatically be enrolled onto the Hallam Award when you start your course.