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Budgeting for Welcome Week

Have a Feezible Fresherz

Welcome Week is such an exciting time; students often find themselves in a new city, with new freedoms and can't wait to make the most of it! However, for a lot of new students it's hard to know how much you should budget, what sort of costs you might find and how to plan ahead. I'm Lauren, your Welfare and Community Officer and I've put this quick guide together to help you plan for a Feezible Fresherz.

What can it cost? These costs are based on estimated UK averages.

Item One-Off Every night
Fresher's Events/Club entry £4.70 £33
Pre-Drinks £6.30 £44.10
5 Double Vodka Mixers (UK Average) £20.70 £114.90
Taxi Share £2 pp £28 (both ways)
Takeaway £5 £35
Food Shop £28 -
Fancy Dress £16 £112
Gym (Offers Available) £160 (per annum) -
Total - £555

Useful resources for Students

SHSU Budgeting Planner

University Budgeting Guidance

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