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BAME Ambassadors Showcase

Over 2nd, 3rd and 4th June, we'll be sharing with you all of the amazing work that our BAME ambassadors have been working on on our social media channels in our BAME Ambassadors Showcase 2021!

The BAME ambassadors have been working with their classmates and faculties to bring light to BAME issues, and have worked on several amazing projects since being in post since January. The scheme is an opportunity for students, staff and alumni of Sheffield Hallam from the BAME community to support and represent BAME students. The scheme has provided an opportunity for experienced and knowledgeable BAME students, staff and alumni who have experience of living, studying or working in the UK to support and guide less experienced or less knowledgeable students from a BAME background, and has involved learning and development meetings between the mentor and mentee to help mentees achieve academic success.

Since the ambassadors have been in post, they have been working on projects from BAME storytelling, BAME Advocacy and BAME issues within the colleges and as this academic year draws to a close, we'll be sharing some 'project snapshots' in the form of case studies, illustrations, a video including some of the BAME ambassadors and why they decided to become ambassadors, and more on our social media channels.

Make sure you keep an eye out on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok profiles as we'll be sharing all the content with you over the next few days!

Find out more about the BAME Mentoring and Ambassador scheme here.


Here's some of our BAME ambassadors, Maha, Isidore, Becky and Amarachi explaining why they decided to become ambassadors. Watch the video below to find out why:







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