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Autumn Elections 2022 Update

2022 Balloons

Appointment to the role of Disabled Students’ Officer 

In the 2022 Autumn Election, there were no valid candidates for the position of Disabled Students’ Representative. There was one valid candidate for the position of Disabled Students’ Committee, Cai Ware, and Cai was duly elected to the position. 

In the interests of ensuring that disabled students at Hallam are effectively represented, we have asked if Cai would take on the role of Disabled Students’ Representative. As the roles are heavily related and are both elected by cross-campus ballot as required by the Articles of Governance, the Deputy Returning Officer has ruled that this appointment is in line with both the spirit and the letter of our governing documents.  

Congratulations Cai! 

Resignation of Mature Students’ Officer 

Unfortunately, the newly elected Mature Students’ Representative Alina Teodorescu has decided to resign from her post. Therefore, according to standard procedure in these situations, the position is given to the candidate who came in second place in the Elections. Therefore, Vaibhav Verma has been offered the role, and has accepted. 

Congratulations Vaibhav! 



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