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HUBIS Awards 2019

On Wednesday 3rd April, The Hubs rolled out its red carpet for the inaugural Hallam Union BME and International Student Awards. The "HUBIS" aimed to celebrate the amazing contribution that BME and International students and staff have made to the Sheffield Hallam University community, and it did not disappoint. Immaculately dressed nominees and guests arrived to a food and drinks reception, before the HUBIS hosts, and Sheffield Hallam Students' Union Officers, Sheriff Muhammed, Nabeela Mowlana and Abdullah Okud took centre stage to unveil the first ever HUBIS Awards winners.


Your HUBIS Awards 2019 winners:

Academic Excellence Award:

Winner: Keira Cazley

Nominees: Abdi Hassan, Manafa Vera

Despite never studying International Business at A-Level, Keira has worked hard to excel and has recently been recognised as the highest performing student on her course. Her tutor has been impressed by her unprecedented efforts when writing assignments, and Keira has also found time to study a language alongside her studies as an elective, acquiring the highest level studied at university in the process. There is no doubt that Keira is a worthy winner of this award.   

Campaign of the Year:

Winner: Prince Rautiyal

Nominees: Christian Pepple

Prince has led the Indian Society to new heights in the last year, running a campaign which has grown this Society's membership and presence in the Students' Union. The commitment, hard-work and fun approach to society management is commendable, and has laid the foundations for many future successes for the Indian Society.


Commitment to Student Support Award:

Winner: Zafarine Iqbal

Nominees: Maxine Greaves, Karen Hibbert, Hassan Iqbal, Sonia Palmer, Anjana Raghavan, Nicholas Smith, Claire Storey

Sheriff began his presentation of this award by describing its winner as "beyond incredible", and it is hard to argue that Zafarine's work has not been exactly that. From her role providing students with developmental opportunities at the Students' Union, to her direct support of BAME students with her expert advice, Zafarine is a valuable part of the Sheffield Hallam University community, deserving of recognition for her commitment to student support.

Community Engagement Award:

Winner: Hassan Iqbal

Nominees:  Muna Abdi, Barbosa Balde, Solange Goncalves, Nazdar Jasim

Hassan's commitment to several voluntary roles has been most impressive. He has worked regularly supporting adults on the Autistic Spectrum and also become a volunteer IT teacher, increasing accessibility to the technology we all rely upon in modern society. Hassan's hard work maximising people's freedoms within the Sheffield Hallam, and wider Sheffield community, is to his credit and makes him a deserving winner of this award.  


Event of the Year:

Winner: Ezekiel Gyimah Bonsu

Nominees: SHU Ghana Society

Anyone one of the several events Ezekiel organized this year would have been deserving of the Event of the Year prize. Ezekiel organised debates during Black History Month, games night during Welcome Week, as well as ice skating trips and movie nights. But, it was their Take Me Out event, which encourages personal relationships between students from different universities, that welcomed over 200 people into The Hubs and has won him this year's prize.


Hallam Life Award:

Winner: Abubakar Mohammed

Nominees: Abdi Hassan, Hassan Iqbal

Through his role as student representative for the Materials and Engineering Research Institute, the three years as president of the Nigerian Society, and his continued support of BAME students, there is no doubt that Abubakar deserved the Hallam Life Award. This award recognises the impact students have through their societal and voluntary roles. Abubakar's commitment to helping BAME students overcome academic and financial difficulties, as he explained in his touching acceptance speech, demonstrated his selfless work and attitude which deserved this formal recognition.

Inspirational Staff Member Award

Winner: Douglas Muzawazi

Nominees: Dr Lindy Ann Blaze Alfred, Prof. Dharmadasa, Janice Haigh, Khaled Kesseba, Jims Marchang

Douglas took home the Inspirational Staff Member Award for his empathetic, supporting and dedicated attitude to all his endeavours within the Students' Union. His work in providing opportunities to BAME students through skills and training programmes is an essential part of the best the Students' Union offers. Nabeela echoed this admiration in awarding Douglas the award, stating that when she has grown up she would like to be just like Douglas.  


Inspirational Student of the Year

Winner: Faizan Sajid Muhammad

Nominees: Farzana Begum, Amy Dalrymple, Antonia Dexter, Haider Iqbal, Hassan Iqbal, Beth McDonnell, Abubakar Mohammed, Charis Patel, Joanna Sichivula

In overcoming several barriers, including learning a new language and adapting to a new country, and taking it upon themselves to start a Pakistani Society at the Students' Union, Faizan has been a true inspiration to his fellow students. Pakistani Society now has 60 members and counting, and played huge role in the week-long cultural celebration SHUFEST. His hard work has created a new community within the Students' Union and will no doubt inspire many others to do the same in the future.   


Student Leader of the Year

Winner: Shannon Harewood-Malone

Nominees: Goodluck Dirichukwu Oguzie, Abdi Hassan, Abubakar Mohammed, Prince Rautiyal, Karabo Sakuze

As social secretary for Geography Society, Shannon has been busy leading the society to great achievements. The variation of events she has organised is credit to her hard work and forethought, as she has created an inclusive array of events for all Geography Society members. Shannon was also awarded The Hubs Event of the Month Award in November for the fantastic Geography Pub Quiz. Managing achievements like this, whilst balancing these society commitments with her studies, is what has earned her this award.   


Officer Choice Awards:

The evening concluded with the recognition of four University Staff members, each receiving an Officer's Choice Award. Maxine Greaves, Lindy-Ann Blaize Alfred, Anjana Raghava and Muna Abdi were each recognised for their proactive role in supporting the Officers, acting as confidantes to BAME students and fighting for greater representation of BAME and International thinkers within their faculties. Each was presented with a winsome star-shaped trophy to reflect the Officer's adoration of these staff members. Well done to all!

Following an impassioned speech from Abdullah, Sheriff closed the awards night by congratulating all nominees in attendance for their hard work, and reiterating the importance of the generous support from Sheffield Hallam University in making the HUBIS a reality. As next year's Student's Union President, Sheriff also pledged to continue to grow the HUBIS Awards, by making them "bigger and better". We, like him, cannot wait for round two. 


If you've been inspired by the achievements recognised at the HUBIS Awards 2019, it's never too late to make your mark! Visit our Get Involved page to find all the opportunities waiting for you at Sheffield Hallam Students Union: