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5 practical things to do once you've moved into halls

Right, where am I?

Once you're here, check out where your accommodation is in comparison to where you’re going to be - where are the collegiate & city campuses, the clubs, the gym, aldi? Is it best for you to walk, get a bike (check out what infamous hill you’re living on first), get a bus pass, take the tram or even train? Most transport options have discounts for students, which you will be able to see on the Student Life Guide.

Get signed up!

Check out your local GP & dentist. My days in first year when I’d hurt myself falling down some club stairs and couldn’t get a GP appointment so had to spend many hours in A&E were not the one. It’s also useful if you need doctors’ notes for being off sick or mitigating circumstances! I promise you that you won’t want to have to travel home every time you need a check up. Get in there early and get signed up.

Disability Support

If you have a disability and haven’t already been in contact with student support, do it now! You’ll need to sort your learning contracts and any accessibility needs for the year, this includes any neurodivergents out there! Remember to bring any evidence with you and check out the Disabled student allowance - it’s significantly more expensive to be a disabled student, so make sure you get everything you need.

Take pictures!

I’m sure your family and friends will be very excited to see those first day of uni photos, but what I’m referring to is inventory pictures. Take pictures of EVERYTHING in your accommodation before you move in - all the walls, skirting boards, furniture, windows and mattress need to be recorded. This will help at the end of the year when you’re trying to get your deposit back - make sure you’re not paying for damages you didn’t cause. For additional help around housing you can check out our housing advice webpage.

Get Active

Whether it’s scoping out the great Peak District walks, finding mates at Team Hallam or joining Hallam Active, check out what’s on offer in your area. Sheffield has a lot to show off and starting off with positive plans for your physical health will help kickstart your year.