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Sharrow is generally seen as the home of Sheffield's long term residents- but this doesn't mean it's not a student area! Sharrow is a vibrant multi-cultural area of the city close to the hustle and bustle of London Road and only minutes from the City Centre. It has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere with plenty of local businesses and events going on.


The Forge (Unite Halls)

things to look out for

Amongst all the great eateries on London Road and the fantastic shops, keep an eye out for:

http://sharrowcf.org.uk A great little community centre with a fab café, great daytime and evening classes, events and of course volunteering opportunities!

St Mary's Church -
http://www.stmarys-church.co.uk/ Again, a good place to make a difference by volunteering. St Mary's is a hub for the community and hosts a variety of projects as well as acting as a place of faith.

Sheffield Chinese Centre -
http://www.sheffieldchinesecommunity.org.uk/ Created to support the local Chinese population; the centre hosts a variety of events and opportunities for all!

key events

Sharrow Lantern Carnival is an annual event and definitely one to look out for if you're crafty as you can make your own lantern! Sharrow Festival is also worth a watch if you're an alternative music lover.


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