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Sharrow Vale

Sharrow Vale is a vibrant area of the city towards the end of Eccelsall road where local business is key! There's plenty of small shops and restaurants along Sharrow Vale Road, and a fantastic mixture of students and non-student residents in the area and it's a fabulously lively and quirky place to live!

things to look out for

If you can tear your eyes from the great places to eat on Sharrow Vale Road, then you should take a look for:

Sharrow Vale Community Association -
http://www.sharrowvalecommunityassociation.co.uk/ This community group meet regularly to discuss the events and issues in the area; head to one of their meetings! You might even be able to help planning the Sharrow Vale Market.

Sheffield General Cemetery -
http://gencem.org/It might sound a bit morbid but for all those interested in history the cemetery off Cemetary Road in Sharrow Vale hosts historical walks and activities!

key events

Sharrow Vale Market is a food lovers paradise. Taking place four times a year, this is definitely an event to watch out for!