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Hunter's bar

Based right at the end of Eccelsall Road the Hunter's Bar area is a vibrant and friendly area.Whether this is the quiet of Endcliffe Park, the busy local stores or the buzz of the roundabout, there's plenty to do and see around this area. Hunter's Bar is famous from its mention in the Arctic Monkey's song 'Fake Tales of San Francisco': "He talks of San Francisco, he's from Hunter's Bar".

things to look out for

The Endcliffe Corner Community Association are an active community group in the area and are always keen for students to get involved!

Endcliffe Park -
https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/out--about/parks-woodlands--countryside/parks/city-district-local-p arks/endcliffe-park.html The park on the corner of the Hunter's Bar roundabout it great for a quiet walk or picnic with your flatmates, and it's a free day out!

Botanical Gardens -
http://www.sbg.org.uk/ The botanical gardens are a great place to take your parents or any friends that are visiting from out of town, the view is great and the grounds are so pretty (even in the rain!)

key events

Park Run http://www.parkrun.org.uk/sheffieldhallam/ is a weekly 5K timed run of the park, so for you fitness buffs up early on a weekend definitely go along. Keep an eye on at the park for other events like summer fairs!