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Candidate Hub

The Candidate Hub is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know through the Elections process, including resources to help you write your application, build a platform, and design your campaign.
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The process

  1. Submit your application

    Writing your application

  2. Prepare your campaign

    Building a winning campaign

  3. Attend a Candidate Briefing

    Book onto a Session

  4. Start your campaign!

Key dates

  • Monday 8 January

    Applications open

  • Thursday 15 February

    Applications close

  • 17, 19, 21 February

    Candidate training

  • Friday 23 February

    Candidate name release

  • Monday 26 February

    Campaigning starts

  • Monday 4 March, 9am

    Voting opens

  • Thursday 7 March

    Voting closes

  • Friday 8 March

    Results night

Candidate briefings

Every Election candidate must attend a briefing session. There will be three sessions after the close of applications, so take a look, decide which session you will attend, and sign up. IMPORTANT: you will not be a candidate unless you've submitted an application.


What you need to do before voting week.


  • Submit your application (Deadline: Thursday 15 February)
  • Attend a candidate training session

Optional (but strongly encouraged)

  • Set a reminder for candidate training
  • Plan your campaign spending (each candidate may spend and claim back up to £50 of spending)

Travel bursary

All candidates are eligible to apply for a travel bursary through the Inclusion Fund to support in the costs associated with travelling to campus during voting week. The maximum amount you will be eligible for is £20.

When applying, you will need to include the following information in your supporting statement:

  • Where you will be travelling from (postcode/area) e.g. S7 or Millhouses, Sheffield
  • A rough estimate of how much your bus/train tickets will cost

Apply for travel bursary

If you have an accessibility need and require further information, please contact us at