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Meet your 2024/25 Officer team

Swati Sharma

Opportunities come and go but the experience stays Forever! “Listen, Learn, Live”


Inspiring Diversity Empowering Unity

Rishabh Gambhir

Lets be United and stronger Together!

Frank Omoregie

United Voices, Brighter Futures: Together for International Students at Hallam

Harshal Patil

Unite Globally, Ignite Locally – Your Voice, Your International Experience!

Oladipo Olowe

Empowering Minds, Bridging Cultures: Your Voice, My Vision!

Abimbola Joseph

Empowering Diversity, Building Unity: Together, We Are One!

Shafaq Sajid

Want to have a say? Vote for Shafaq today

Kareem Adijat Omobolaji

Forward is the way, Vote Adijat For International Students' Officer