DO's and DONT'S - how to approach people with autism


According to the National Autistic Society there are currently around 700,000 people living with autism in the UK. Autism will affect each of them in a different way.  Ensuring that that they are given the support they need can be instrumental in allowing them to achieve their best with their education and in their daily life.

It is a well known fact that it can sometimes be hard to know how to approach someone with autism and what you can do to help them. We have put together two infographics based on information from the National Autistic Society to help you gain a better understanding on what to do and what not to do when approaching someone with autism. This is an important life skill to have because you never know when you might need to interact with a person with autism! 


Now you have looked at the infographics and watched Kashmire's autism story video why not take our autism quiz and test your knowledge of autism: https://ispri.ng/n22Mg

We also have a training session on autism awareness which you can book on to HERE


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