I want to be a Rep

Student Reps make sure your voice is heard to help you shape your University experience!

What is a Course Rep?

Course Reps are the bridge between students and staff at SHSU. They represent the students on their course, gathering both positive and negative feedback and take forward to enhance the course experience. Course Reps attend meetings and work in partnership with University staff to negotiate and improve the student experience at SHSU.

How can I become a Course Rep?

Recruitment for Course Reps will begin in September/Early October. If you are interested in the role, please speak to your course leader and put yourself forward for the position. Once appointed, you can register with the University so that you can be trained and get started in your role.


Course Rep Responsibilities:

To represent the views of students on your course.

Gather feedback from the students on your course.

This should include what is going well, as well as any problems and suggestions for Participate in relevant meetings, discussions and decision-making processes.

To work in partnership with Union and University staff to enhance the student learning experience.

Report back to your fellow students on responses to feedback and any changes made.


Are you an experienced Course Rep? Consider becoming a Department Rep!


What is a Department Rep?

Department Reps represent the students and Course Reps within their Department.  As a Department Rep, you will have the opportunity to sit on various University and Student Union committees to provide a student perspective on faculty and University level issues and policies. Your role may involve working with Course Reps or other Department Reps to identify trending issues affecting a number of students or courses within your Department, and discussing these issues at a higher University level. How can I become a Department Rep?

If you would like to be a Department Rep either speak to your course leader, or email studentreps@shu.ac.uk. Please be aware that there may be elections within your Department should several students be interested in the role. Initial training sessions will commence September/October.