Student Voice Report

What do students really think about their university experience? The Student Voice Report aims to find out and push for change.
What do students really think about their university experience? The Student Voice Report aims to find out and push for change.


This is a brief summary of the seventh formal written report produced by Sheffield Hallam Student's Union, which reflects the student experience through the collection and analysis of both formal and informal, and qualitative and quantitative feedback from students at Sheffield Hallam University.

The main body of the report follows the four main sections of the Student Charter: 'Education Teaching and Learning', 'Student Environments', 'Representation and Support' and 'The Wider Experience'. Recommendations based on feedback have been made in each section, and can be seen below.

For more information, the full report can be found in the link at the bottom of this page.




1.1 Teaching Quality

1. Students report teaching to be consistently interactive and engaging, with the use of PowerPoint reduced where possible.

1.2 Course Organisation and Communication

2. There is a measured annual reduction of timetable gaps.

3. Regular and consistent communication is made with students regarding scheduled teaching, changes to timetables, and effective use of non-contact time.

1.3 Wednesday afternoon scheduled teaching

4. There is a measured annual reduction of scheduled teaching on a Wednesday afternoon.

5. There is clear communication with students as to why teaching may be scheduled at this time.

Recommendation 10:There is a change of graduation schedule to a main summer event (to take place in July or September) and an additional winter date (to take place in December or January) (Section 2.1, p29)
Recommendation 11:Teaching staff consider the cost of printing for students, and direct students to use free printing resource for assignments and coursework (Section 2.2, p30)
Recommendation 12:The University conducts a full review of computer software availability, with a particular consideration for the needs of students with specialist computing needs (Section 2.2, p31)
Recommendation 13: There is an increased availability of small bookable rooms, with computer access, to facilitate group working (Section 2.3, p32)
Recommendation 14:The University considers the introduction of a crosscampus shuttle-bus, with links to the University Sports Park (Section 2.4, p34)
Recommendation 15:The University supports the Students’ Union in the expansion of the Students’ Union Book Exchange service (Section 2.5, p36)
Recommendation 16:The University ensures all students are able to access either physical or electronic copies of all core text books (Section 2.5, p37)
Recommendation 17:There is greater communication to students regarding the auto-renewal system for library books (Section 2.5, p37)
Recommendation 18:The University improves range and affordability of food at University outlets (Section 2.6, p38)



2.1 University Spaces

6. Investment is made to ensure the safety of Sheffield Hallam students in and around the new Sheffield Institute of Arts (SIA) building.

7. In-depth research is conducted into the difference in student experience between City and Collegiate Campus.

8. Students at Collegiate Campus are able to withdraw cash on campus.

2.2 Placements

9. The effectiveness of financial aid processes for placement students is fully reviewed.

10. Students across faculties consistently recieve accurate and timely communication throughout their placement.

2.3 Accommodation and Living

11. Through work with the City Council, assurances can be made that the type of new accommodation being built matches student demand.

12. The profile of the Snug scheme is raised amongst landlords and the student population, to increase the number of Snug accredited properties.

Recommendation 19:There is increased funding for sports clubs and societies at Sheffield Hallam (Section 3.1, p42)
Recommendation 20:The University works in partnership with the Students’ Union to increase University staff engagement with the Student Rep system (Section 3.2, p44)
Recommendation 21:The University ensures expectations are met with regards to the distribution of Staff Student Committee Meeting materials (Section 3.2, p45)
Recommendation 22: The Students’ Union and the University works in partnership to ensure there are appropriate numbers of reps in each course/department to effectively represent their cohort (Section 3.2, p45)
Recommendation 23:The University ensure mental health and wellbeing support is given to all students (Section 3.3, p46)
Recommendation 24:The University has a consideration for specific mental health issues in the sale of exercise supplements at University outlets (Section 3.3, p47)
Recommendation 25:The Students’ Union and University to work in partnership to provide greater resource to leadership training programmes for students (Section 3.4, p49)



3.1 Student Reps

13. Agendas are sent out before staff-student meetings and minutes are recorded and issued in a timely manner.

14. Staff and student engagement with the Student Rep system is improved, and Reps are better supported in engaging a wider range of students.

3.2 Bursaries and Funding

15. Funding to support the most disadvantaged students continues at the same level or high.

16. Students are educated on the support available when they need money urgently.

3.3 Learning Resources

17. All core texts and recomended reading materials are accessible online for all Hallam students.

18. A free printer is installed at Collegiate Campus.



4.1 Mental Health and Wellbeing

19. Support sessions are available for all students around exam times and coursework deadlines.

20. Peer networks supporting students with mental health issues are developed and great resource is utilised to combat stigmas associated.

4.2 Student Meals

21. A 'Proven Bakehouse' style outlet is developed at Collegiate Campus

22. Students are given advice and information on cost effective ways of buying and preparing healthy and wholesome meals at home.

4.3 Extracurricular Activities

23. Academic Societies, covering every course, are available to Sheffield Hallam students.