Welfare & Community Officer

Hi there, I’m Mohammed Abdulredha and I’m your Welfare and Community Officer for 2017/18. My role is to make sure that you are able to feel like part of a community during your time at Sheffield Hallam. I oversee campaigns on issues that affect you as a student such as housing, finance, health and general wellbeing. Feel free to contact me or come and speak to me at any time!

Tel: 0114 225 4129



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Hello, I am Mohammed Abdulredha, the current elected Welfare & Community Officer for Sheffield Hallam Students Union.

I am going to take this Blog as an opportunity to tell you a little more about me and my vision for the year 2017-2018 as a Welfare & Community Officer. I have always been interested in understanding how we as humans behave, communicate and make decisions, which has proved to be, at least in my humble opinion, to be an imperative trait in understanding the students' experience. However, I also find it equally important to infuse compassion, empathy and positive attitude to such skills. Otherwise, they would be become like a flower that never blooms.

If we are to attempt to capture the students' experience, it is only appropriate to try and study what motivates students to decide to enrol in higher education. A common answer is to acquire a degree in the hopes of securing a decent job. Another would be for self-fulfilment through achievement, or perhaps make parents/families proud; the list will continue to go on. However, all the reasons would have a common root, which is an urge to fulfil a need and this need is believed to bring the pursuer happiness.

As we all are aware, mental health issues have become a growing problem amongst students and academics. Research suggests that stress, depression and anxiety are the most common ones that students suffer from whilst at university. These issues are a consequence of students believing that the barriers between them and their objectives are increasing, getting bigger and tougher to break. Ultimately, this leads to the belief that one's happiness is in jeopardy.

My plan for the year, as a Welfare Officer is to identify these barriers and devise appropriate strategies to remove them by working closely with members of staff at the students union and the university. I have identified four different categories that I believe to create different types of complex barriers for students and they are; financial burdens, academic performance, physiological and physiological states. The plan can be accessed through this link ->

Finally, I am steering my efforts to ensure that these factors are taken into account in both the students union and the university strategies, by amplifying the students' voice through meetings, campaigns and events. It is important to appreciate that students make big sacrifices to partake in higher education, most of which is the suppression of their short term needs and desires to focus on their long-term ones. Therefore, we need to work together to ensure that we provide adequate support for our students to manage their lives as students here at Sheffield Hallam University, allow them to experience the happiness they deserve and protect them from being lost in a maze of mental health issues.