Why Stand?

Sometimes, it might feel like taking part in an election is something that other people do. We're here to tell you why you should think about taking part. If you're asking yourself whether you should get involved and submit your nomination, here are some pretty good reasons why you should...

Because you want to make a difference

Students usually decide to take part in the Elections because they want to make life better for students. They have loads of great ideas about how the student experience could be better – and being an Officer is the most effective way of making those ideas a reality.

So perhaps you’ve got some awesome ideas that would make being a student at Sheffield Hallam better. Perhaps you think the University could have handled something better over the last year, and you want to point them down the right path. Being an SU Officer is the best way of doing all of this.


Because you’re destined for great things

We like to think that most students get involved because they have a passion for improving students’ lives… but it’s impossible to ignore the amazing effect that a year in SU Office can have on your career. What do you imagine your next full-time job to look like? Will you be:

  • A trustee of a charity? (You can see our current Officers on the government website here)
  • Making strategic decisions that decide the course of an entire organisation?
  • Regularly meeting with some of the most senior University staff, as well as local and national political figures?
  • Creating, leading on and evaluating your own campaigns and projects?

These are all things that SU Officers get to put on their CV and allows them to stand out massively when they apply for jobs once they leave.


Because you want an experience like no other

Being an Officer is one of the most rewarding and exciting jobs you could do. Every day is different – you could be helping to run an event in the morning, lobbying for students’ interests with the Vice-Chancellor over lunch, and planning a campaign in the afternoon. Seeing the impact you can make on the lives of students is an unforgettable feeling – and your year in office will be an unforgettable year.

The six full-time Officers take up the position as a full-time, paid job. Our Part-Time Reps work alongside their students in a voluntary capacity – but they are still able to gain similar experience.


Because you believe that things can change

One major criticism that people aim at Students' Unions is that they aren't representative enough. Some people argue that Students' Unions don't serve the wider student population, and cater to the 'niche' interests of a minority of students. We think we're more than that, but if you share that opinion, than that's totally fine. But don't let that be a reason to put you off engaging with the Union - in fact, we think it should do the opposite.

If you think we've got our priorities wrong, or that we're not effective enough, then perhaps you are what the Union needs. As a representative body that exists to advocate for the diverse interests of every student at Hallam, we need debate, dialogue, and differing opinions to survive. If you think that students need an alternative, then be that alternative.


Remember that you can always change your mind if you nominate yourself but decide you don't want to continue - but if you miss the nomination deadline (3rd March) and change your mind, there's nothing we can do. All you have to do at the moment is submit your nomination - everything else, like creating a manifesto, planning a campaign, or creating promo materials, can be done later.