Just like that the Volunteering Awards 2020 have come to a close! All our winners have been announced and all there is left to say is a huge well done and thank you to all our Hallam Volunteers who have given back to their local community over the past year! Keep scrolling to see our winners from the week!

Winners 2020 

Monday 11th May - Community Partner Award

Zest Community Centre 

Zest Community Centre is a centre for community wellbeing, a vibrant, community-led initiative for the long-term holistic health improvement of local people.

“Zest have yet again been an incredible community partner this year. Alongside UoS and Hallam SU, this year they have created a new project specifically for sports teams. David at Zest had the great idea of creating the Kids Community Varsity, which gives weekly availability for UoS and Hallam sports team to run one-off sessions for kids.

“Zest also responded quickly to the Covid 19 epidemic and are now providing a range of services online by delivering 1-2-1 online school work support and educational activities. Zest are an inspiring organisation who I look forward to continue to working with in the years to come.”




Monday 11th May - Community Impact Award

Think Care Help 

Think Care Help is a project that was set up to raise awareness of homelessness in Sheffield. Working closely with organisations across Sheffield that support Homeless people they run campaigns, events and help out where possible.

“Think Care Help is a project that was set up to raise awareness of homelessness in Sheffield. Working closely with organisations across Sheffield that support homeless people, they run campaigns, events and help out where possible. This year, the group have volunteered together at Sunday Centre, served breakfasts for a week at Cathedral Archer project as well as fundraising for some great causes amongst other things. This year the Project Leader, Ellie, has been a superstar and alongside leading this has volunteered nearly every week at Sunday Centre where they value her as a key part of the team. She has also continued to support them and other local organisations during the COVID-19 Pandemic too.”


Tuesday 12th May - Innovation and Creativity Award

Uni Boob Team

The Uni Boob Team at Sheffield Hallam works with Coppafeel to raise awareness of breast cancer to girls and guys on campus. They sign people up to text reminders, talk about the importance of checking breasts and pecks and fundraise for Coppafeel through lots of different events.

“This year the Uni Boob Team have been super successful and have really changed up the events that they've done. They have worked in collaboration with lots of other sports teams and societies which has increased their profile and meant groups have contacted them to get involved. Some of the great things they did were sports team training takeovers, Boob Ball and the Boob Show which raised over £500! Overall they smashed their target this year!”


Tuesday 12th May - New Project Award


The STAR Group at Sheffield Hallam work with local refugee projects, campaign to improve the lives of refugees, educate people about refugees and asylum seekers and fundraise to welcome refugees. They are a part of the larger national group of 27,000 students who are involved in STAR projects at their university.

“STAR have had an amazing first year for their project. The team of 3 committee members have managed to recruit a team of 10 volunteers, run 3 bake sales to raise awareness of the group and raise money for Asylum Seekers and Refugees, run a pub quiz takeover in collaboration with Think Care Help to raise money, met with Sheffield City of Sanctuary to discuss how they can work together in future and worked with Elements Society to set up English Conversation Classes. (Unfortunately, however, due to the Covid-19 outbreak, these classes haven’t yet started.)"

“As a response to the Covid-19 outbreak, STAR have set up a virtual marathon fundraiser so that anyone can join in from their home and make use of their daily permitted exercise. Although STAR are not able to carry out their volunteering and fundraising activities as planned, they wanted to work together to help make a difference and raise vital funds for STAR. The fundraising marathon is raising money for some of the most vulnerable people during these difficult times and for those that cannot self-isolate at home because they no longer have one.”


Wednesday 13th May - Contribution to One-Off Programme Award

Lily Dicker

Lily has taken part in several one-off volunteering sessions throughout the year, as well as being a dedicated member of the Food Heaven volunteering team.

“Back in November, Lily and a small team of one-off volunteers went to St Joseph’s Primary School and spent the day with the children creating turtle sculptures out of waste plastic to spread awareness of the damaging affect of plastic on our oceans. In February, Lily attended Bloom Sheffield, a women’s positive mental health allotment and spent most of the day digging. Lily attends volunteering with a smile on her face and a great energy to try new things and get stuck in. She is a fantastic ambassador for Hallam and always does her best to support the Sheffield community.”





Ashling Curran

Ashling has been a very active volunteer over the past year and has taken part in many projects, as well as multiple one-off volunteering sessions.

“Ashling is always interested in what is coming up and happy to offer feedback and insight into current one-offs, and potential opportunities in the future. She is always welcoming and enthusiastic towards new students and I believe her enthusiasm for getting involved and being part of the volunteering community has played an important role within our volunteering team for both students and staff. Thank you Ashling.”


Wednesday 13th May - Student Leader Award

Becky Brownlow

Becky is in her final year of University and is the project leader for the student project, Mindfulness in Schools at SHSU.

“Becky is organised and enthusiastic, and I believe this year she has faced many different challenges, but she has remained focused and acted as a leader throughout. It is not always easy being a project leader to a large group of relatively new students whilst in your final year, but I believe Becky has demonstrated that it can be possible, with little support. She is also very supportive of the volunteering team and always shows up and becomes involved with any events which may need support from a volunteer project. Well done Becky!”


Thursday 14th May - Inspiration Award 


Nightline is a student-run, confidential and anonymous non-advisory listening and information service, providing support to nearly 60,000 students. Although Nightline Association supports and promotes Nightline services across the country, individual Nightline organisations are run entirely by student volunteers, both from the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University. All volunteers are carefully selected and highly trained; compulsory, weekly training sessions are held to maintain high standards and keep volunteers informed and up-to-date. Nightline volunteers are anonymous, but they do have ‘Public Faces’ who can break anonymity and represent Nightline on campus.

“They are inspirational. The volunteers give up their time to train to take calls and their time to do shifts to support those in need.”