Failing Part of your Course

Failing part of your course at university means not meeting the minimum academic requirements for a specific module or subject, which may result in the need for remedial actions or repeating the failed portion of the course.

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I’ve failed some work. What should I do next/what are my options?

This is covered by the University's Standard Assessment Regulations.

The general principle is that you are entitled to receive the teaching for a module once and that you can have two attempts at passing it. If you fail the first attempt, you will be offered a further attempt at the assessment, but your mark will be capped at the minimum pass mark.

If that second valid attempt is failed, you will be offered a re-take opportunity, which will give you the teaching again and two further attempts at the work, but this will all be capped at the minimum pass mark. You may have to pay extra to re-take the module.

Some courses are covered by their own regulations regarding re-takes, particularly professional courses such as nursing. You should contact your course team directly regarding this.

You are only allowed to progress to the next level of the course if you have passed enough modules. If you have failed several modules, you may need to re-take the year. This may have financial and funding implications and could affect your visa (if applicable). You also need to bear in mind the regulations around 'maximum duration of study' - see the Standard Assessment Regulations for more information about this and how progression options are worked out.

Things to consider

If you have failed some work, were you experiencing health problems or other difficult circumstances at the time of the assessment? You could consider putting in a late RRAA (or Appeal if you have already received your results from the Departmental Assessment Board). Our service can support you with information about this process.

We can also advise you on whether you may be able to apply for repeat tuition fee funding on the grounds of Compelling Personal Reasons, if you have to repeat the year, and how your funding for living costs might be affected. View our money guidance for more information.

Has there been an error in the marking, assessment or administration process? You might consider putting in an appeal, remembering that you cannot appeal academic judgement. Our service can advise you on this process and help you understand if you have grounds to appeal.

It is important to discuss your progression with your Student Support Adviser or Course Leader.

We can discuss your options with you, and will outline the implications for your current and future funding entitlement and other considerations such as your housing/tenancy commitments. If you need visa advice, please contact the International Experience Team.