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Two things to note:

  1. We are not a book club. There’s no required reading - lord knows we have enough of that with uni already.
  2. You don’t have to be studying literature to join us!

Have an interest in books? Or some of the topics our events are based on? Join us! Books can so easily become a chore to read, especially paired alongside university. But we believe a love of reading can go so much further than the books themselves. Inspired by literature, we’re hoping to spread our love for reading into all kind of events, whether that be topical discussions, film screenings, trips to shows/bookish events or exciting collaborations. We hope to make books more accessible, diverse, inclusive and engaging, encouraging the love of reading without forcing a set of books upon you. No matter what you read - young adult books, literary fiction, fantasy, classics, manga - we want to hear you. Be enthusiastic about all things bookish. We are!


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