Elections & Referendum

Elections & Referendum

We're a democratic organisation run for Hallam students, by Hallam students.
Our annual elections decide which students represent you at all levels of the Students' Union's management.



2019 Election Results

After a huge turnout of 3272 voters, we are excited to announce your winners of the 2019 Spring elections and the manifestos they were elected with:

Full-Time Officers

President: Sheriff Muhammed

Hi, I am Sheriff Muhammed and I'm your current Education Officer. I was also previously the Internatioanal Students' Rep. I'm a Masters student pursuing a degree in Banking & Finance and also recipient of the Transform Together Scholarship awarded by Sheffield Hallam University. Throughout my tenure as Education Officer, I have provided consistent support to enhance students’ academic experiences at SHU and gained immeasurable expertise. These accomplishments were achievable through the desire to bring about effective change, through proficiency in leadership and accruing an understanding of our vast student’s community.

I have invested two consecutive years of hard work and dedication through these leadership positions to reform students' lives at Sheffield Hallam University. This clearly illustrates my in-depth association with Hallam and my practical knowledge about it's functioning. As your next President, I will lobby for:


  • Free Printing for all students.
  • Create sports and societies accessibility fund so that sport team and societies can pass less costs to their members.
  • To lobby for Microwaves for faculties.
  • Extension of the guarantor scheme to all students.
  • Support re-establishment of student media and offer funding opportunities to promote student activities.
  • More support for placement, part time and commuters students.
  • Continue work on attainment Gap

  • To lobby the Union and the University to enhance opportunities for students involved with societies and clubs.
  • To lobby the Union to promote current societies and clubs and making sure they have the resources to support their members.
  • To create awareness of scholarships and bursaries available within the University and the Union.

  • To urge the University to introduce Alternative Careers Week for students from arts and humanities departments accommodating wider career prospects.
  • To support the campaign against marketization of Higher Education.
  • Raise the profile of BME Students and Staff.

  • To persuade the University to make use of research on culturally competent care to make sure all academic staff and support services are well trained to support students of all backgrounds.
  • To lobby the Union and University to ensure better SU Officers and Reps wellbeing.
  • To lobby the Union to continue Increasing campaign and support on housing fair.
  • To lobby the University and the Union to support and empower liberations groups and marginalised students.


Activities Officer: Muhammad Faizan Sajid

Hi guys :) My name is Faizan, I’m a third year, Business and Enterprise management student. Passionate for societies and making our Students Union more diverse and proud of its membership. This has been proven in my roles within societies, from a committee member of GLOBAL REACH society, Hallam INDIAN society and currently President of PAKISTAN Hallam Society. I am a SUPER MENTOR at Culture Connect one of the biggest mentoring schemes in SHU, COURSE REP from past two years and I won the most INSPIRATIONAL INTERNATIONAL STUDENT AWARD 2018.

My manifesto:



  • Room booking: where the priority is the students societies and Monthly meetings with Societies to know where they require help
  • Setting up, Societies loyalty card: Provide sponsorships for Societies with local businesses and Promoting Societies events, social and ensuring they receive adequate support throughout the academic year.
  • Increase Society Funding and more accessible

  • Raising awareness for more volunteering opportunities that are perfect for students. And encourage the existing volunteering groups.
  • Organising activities that will provide students with the opportunity to volunteer (including one-off and international placements) and develop themselves.
  • Creating more volunteering opportunities and improve the online volunteering opportunities for the students.

  • Regular drop sessions for Students, to support their wellbeing and Mental Health
  • Open Door, Activities Surgery - Let you know where I am, so you can come and speak to me about your concerns
  • Lobby to make the team Hallam membership accessible for our students, ensuring that funding is available for marginalised students including liberation students and international students.
  • Lobby for an accessible Students Union, from societies to clubs, ensuring all students are welcome, including international students, mature students, and postgraduate students.
  • Enhance society’s participation in union activities by organising regular joint meetings with societies on campus to bring the societies closer to union and encourage unity among societies.
  • To create a platform for feedback session where societies will be able to tell union how student union can support societies better
  • Lobby alongside the Welfare officer to provide cheaper and safe accommodations via the snug scheme.
  • Organising more educative and social activities that supports academic improvement and reduces mental health issues among the International students.
  • Organising multi-cultural events such as world food day, world cultural day, Parties, games etc.

    ACCOUNTABILITY: I shall be responsible for
  • Rapid improvement in the effectiveness of student’s media i.e. SHU radio.
  • Continuous and regular collaboration among societies in Sheffield Hallam
  • Provide support for existing and new societies via the weekly drop in session.
  • Enhancing Volunteering opportunities for societies and volunteering, by building a network with organisations within the city.
  • I believe that my experiences in leadership and student unionism will be very handy in the discharge of my duty upon election. I'm very open and love to socialize with everyone, which is what is needed from students on improvements for organizing impactful events and activities for Hallam students and its community at large.


Education Officer: Andrew Adegbola

My name is Andrew; studying MSc Accounting and Finance. I have garnered wider knowledge and experience in leadership and student unionism during my undergraduate days in Nigeria. I have experience in organising and coordinating student union activities and events like seminars, trainings, career talks and community development services. More so, I also have adequate experience in volunteering activities as I was formerly the Vice-President of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of Nigeria Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in one the state in Nigeria. Currently, I am an active member of the executive committee of the Nigeria society in Sheffield Hallam.

If elected my priorities are ….



  • Introduce drop-in session to meet students that are facing academic issues and create an online feedback system.
  • Having a regular session with the course and departmental reps that will enhance improvement in students timetabling, placements and reduction in workload.
  • Encourage usage of Recorded Lecture for all students.
  • Increase educational events that will enrich the academic experience of students from fresher's (academic orientation) to graduating students (seminar and professional workshops).
  • Ensure that academic issues affecting Hallam students (learner’s voice) are presented and resolved amicably on the university academic board.
  • Lobby to tackle the BME and international students’ academic attainment gap as they are less likely to achieve 2;1 or 1st than their counterparts.
  • Improvement in employability and career centre to have more job fair for students.

  • Prioritize student and staff mental health and welfare support.
  • Improve academic support service for disabled students.
  • Support national campaign on the reduction of tution fee.
  • Lobby for academic bursary for students that represent Hallam in various sports.
  • Strengthen student’s union presence and support network at the collegiate campus.
  • Enhanced academic welcome scheme and union academic support services for international students.
  • Provide free tea, biscuits, and coffee during the examination period.


Sports and Physical Activity Officer: Ellis Clark

I’m Ellis Clark, sometimes known as EC, and I am currently the proud chairwoman of the Women’s Rugby Union team, having previously held the position of social secretary. I have also represented all rugby teams, cricket, and netball on the former overall Team Hallam committee.

Unquestionably, sport has played a major role in my university experience. Throughout my time at Hallam I have experienced the highs and lows of sport - from the wins, chants and laughs to the losses and tears. I have witnessed that through sport we can create an inclusive environment, where friendships are made and people are brought together in celebration and competitiveness. It is these experiences that have fostered in me a dedication and passion for Team Hallam. Teaching me how important university sport can be to everyone’s university experience, whether that be as a participant or spectator.

My time studying BSc Sports Business Management has undoubtedly provided me with a theoretical knowledge base and the practical experience of working with some of the sport industry’s leading organisations. I will use this experience to ensure I exceed what is expected of me when I am elected as your Sports and Physical Activities Officer.

Whilst continuing Harry Preston’s success this year, I can assure you that I will push every boundary to ensure every students’ thoughts, feelings, concerns and opinions are listened to and acted upon effectively so that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy sport at Hallam as much as I have!


  • Inclusive sport FOR ALL
    I will continue to improve upon the previous successes of Disability in Sport Week, National Black History Month, Mental Health Awareness and LGBT+ activities by welcoming new events to ensure sport is an inclusive, safe place for spectators and participants, that positively impacts on your university experience.
  • Increased recognition of ALL sport clubs’ and individuals’ successes
    I will introduce an effective structure to respect and celebrate club and individual successes equally both on and off the pitch by implementing effective, consistent ‘Team of the Week’ and ‘What’s On’ features to increase the volume of audiences at fixtures and avoid leaving you feeling underappreciated.I will make improvements to the Sports Ball as suggested by students, ensuring this event is one which fairly and honestly celebrates the successes of the year, allowing everyone to fully enjoy this highlight calendar event.
  • Improved training and guidance for committees
    I will provide committee members with worthy, relevant training to minimise stress levels and maximise success levels. Training will be tailored to each committee’s needs, as I recognise each club is subject to its own unique features. I will ensure Team Hallam offer transparency and clarity to committees regarding decision making, expectations and rules. I will provide committee members with opportunities to explore how their work as a committee member can be taken beyond university life increasing employability. I will be a voice for all clubs through dedicating myself to providing strong support and guidance throughout the year.
  • Access To Resources and Finance
    I will work tirelessly to ensure that clubs have access to the required resources: trial dates, give it a go session’s, kit, training facilities and times, referees, playing opportunities, pitches and times etc. and finances through strong relationships with Team Hallam, The Students Union, BUCS, National Governing Bodies, sponsors and other stakeholders leaving no club feeling left behind.
  • Affordable Membership Fees
    I will make sport at Hallam more affordable by introducing an instalment scheme that spreads the cost of membership fees according to student loan drop dates, removing the participation barrier of one overall lump sum cost.I will discount membership fees for first year students, making sport more attractive to new students by removing the aforementioned participation barrier, and therefore increasing the chances of each clubs growing year on year.

Welfare and Community Officer: Lauren Kaye

Mental health, consent, bullying, financial advice and support? #LAURENFORWELFARE

Hi! I’m Lauren, I’m a third-year psychology student and I’m running for welfare and community officer because I care about my fellow students experience at university. These years should be the best years of your life and I would be honoured to aid in that happening. Whether you know it or not the student union helps a tremendous amount in your experience at university, with the support from the students and their opinions, changes and improvements are in the works daily!



  • As your next welfare and community officer, I would like to continue the education and awareness campaigns surrounding mental health. When you hear the phrase mental health, many people think of anxiety and depression, however there’s many other illnesses that your friends and peers may be dealing with, and I think education surrounding these, as well as continuous awareness for depression and anxiety of course, is required.
  • Secondly, I feel like many people assume that once you reach this age, maturity and academia that bullying doesn’t exist, and it subsequently gets swept under the carpet, when realistically many of our students receive nasty comments, in person and online daily. This is bullying and needs to stop. I aim to offer support and guidance for students dealing with derogatory slurs etc.
  • Thirdly, I would like to increase the awareness of financial support available at the university, many students who are the first of their family to attend university, or who have no family financial support may be put off applying, or struggle in silence.
  • Finally, I aim to continue the education and awareness regarding consent and tackle the issue of "lad culture" to ensure that no one is being taken advantage of, or are falling victim for the derogatory slurs earlier mentioned!




Student Representatives

BME Students' Rep: Temi Labinjo

I'm a 2nd year Doctoral student in the Department of Health & Well-being. My research and passion relate to issues of social significance targeting African and ethnic groups. I was privileged to work with an NGO (Society for Family Health) relating to public health issues such as malaria, maternal and reproductive health.

I will ensure that BME students are more inclusive both within the union and the university. This will be achieved through:


  • Consultation and collation of the views and interests of bme students. This will be presented at the student union and university meetings.
  • Regular campaigns and awareness raising events and activities reflecting the views of BME students.
  • Active engagement in shaping policy on issues relating to BME students especially with regards to closing the attainment gap.

SBS Faculty Academic Rep: Jingze Liu

I am a SBS student who majors in International Hospitality Business Management and I’m honored to have this opportunity to run for the position of Faculty Academic Rep of Business School. I want to be a SBS Faculty Academic Rep because I know that students reps have to ensure their student group has a voice in the Students’ Union’s decisions and I do want to speak out on matters of vital interest to students here at Business School, including myself. More specifically, I’m willing to support and improve the student experience here.

On top of that, I have to say that I have previously gained experience of being a Union Council Representative, Chinese Society President, Course Rep, and Culture Connect Mentor, so I know exactly how to organize student activities, how to lead on projects and campaigns, how to negotiate with other students and how to fight for the interests of all students that I represent. Finally, I just want to say that I’m passionate about being a Faculty Academic Rep of the Business School and I’m ready to take on all the challenges that may emerge.

  • Be the voice of SBS Students by maintaining communication with the Students Union.
  • Seek opportunities to discuss SBS Students issues or concerns with appropriate authority such as the Academic Interests and Education Officer and relevant university departments.
  • Effective communication and suggestions of ways to improve SBS Students timetabling issues through active negotiation and talks with the timetabling department of the university.
  • Work closely with the Students Union Officers to further the campaign on Attainment Gap.
  • Fight against marketisation of Higher Education by supporting the Students Union and National Union of Students Campaign.

STA Faculty Academic Rep: Jennifer Chisom

If we can all do a little, then we can all make the world better.

Why should I be trusted?
I have experience serving others and I have a passion for improving my society. As a current course representative, I have engaged with students, finding out their concerns and so I can easily voice out student opinions. I am also actively engaged in university life and I am a current fundraising and engagement ambassador, so becoming a faculty academic representative would be part of who I am.

What can I do better?


  • Ensuring STA students can receive feedback on exams
  • Tackling delays in course work feedback
  • Ensuring more exciting lectures
  • Facilitating more real life visits
  • Every student in the STA should have a voice and that is what I will do as a faculty academic representative, amplifying your voices and enabling a fulfilling university experience.

HWB Faculty Academic Rep: Charlotte Ellender

Throughout this role I strive to always achieve the best for you! I am extremely passionate about education within the health and well being department. I am a student midwife who has had various roles so far in my university journey that I feel will help me tremendously and makes me a good candidate for the role. During my first year I nominated myself to be course rep. This role entailed many obstacles, all of which I overcame and undertook with professionalism, keeping my fellow students at the forefront of my actions. Throughout my second year I carried on my role as course rep as my passion for the role did not diminish. I also applied for the department rep role and was fortunate to become the department rep for midwifery. Within this role I was able to take my representative duties to another level to help improve the student experience. I received positive feedback from both roles and the meetings in which I have attended for the roles I feel will help me within the faculty rep role. I am comfortable and confident within a meeting environment, whether that being an informal or a formal agenda. I have also chaired on numerous meetings, and raised and ensured many issues have been addressed within the department.

One of my passions within education is working as multidisciplinary team to help improve our communication skills, ready for qualification, to help improve our care and the care we will ultimately provide for our patients in the future. This is something I hope to achieve as part of my role as faculty rep. I aim to integrate the health and well being department a little more, with aims of more mixed lectures and not just relying on the IPE week for mixed interactions and working. I feel we are all involved in one department, so therefore we should all work together as ‘one’. This will also be something I aim to achieve by using the societies as part of the students union, to help promote the inter professional working of the many varied, wonderful courses within the faculty.

Another aim I propose whilst in the role is to implement more ‘self-care’ sessions. As a health and well being faculty all students and staff care for other people on a daily basis for a living, however we sometimes neglect ourselves by forgetting to care for ourselves as we are so driven for caring for other people. I aim to implement sessions within the faculty of ‘self-care’ methods and techniques, to care for ourselves and each other.

I will aim to ensure every students voice is heard and issues that are risen are listened to. Another proposal is to create a faculty newsletter so everyone is made aware of the important matters each month within the faculty and exciting points etc. This would be a collaborative effort including the department reps to help contribute and advertise the newsletter. This newsletter would ensure all students and staff in the faculty are aware of the ‘running’s’ and are always kept informed. Something which I am strongly pushing for, as it has come to my attention, some students raise concerns and they never hear the result or responses. I can assure you as the health and well being faculty rep I will always keep students and staff regularly informed.

I am a considerate, caring, organised individual who you can be assured will give 100% to this role.

International Students' Rep: Theo Nwankwo

My name is Theo, and I am running to be your next International Students’ Representative. It is my passion to create an incredible student experience and provide more life-changing opportunities for international students. As an international student, I also share in the difficulties international students face and if elected as your International Students’ Rep, I will:
  • Increase access to support finance for international students
  • Improve welfare and full representation
  • Improve academic support for international students
  • Increase employability workshops for international students
  • Increase social events and socio-cultural integration platforms

    Access to more support finance for international students will help international students execute special projects, solve unspeculated financial crisis and help them through their studies. A few months ago, I had some financial difficulties, I approached the University for some Financial Support and I was told by the International Experience team and Finance department that there were some available funding opportunities to support students but unfortunately, those funds were not available to international students. This should never be the case. This campaign is aimed at tackling such barriers that restrict international students at all levels.

    I will work with other Officers and Reps to ensure that all policies and events created by the Students’ Union would be more inclusive and also cater to international students. It is also about tailoring policies and welfare conversations that address the welfare and peculiar issues faced by international students.

    Coming from a different academic background a lot of international students struggle with settling in. I would work to increase the academic support international students receive. This would include academic support in English learning, coursework structuring, academic presentations, and progressive learning skills.

    We need to increase the opportunities for international students to improve their skills and advance their employability chances. With the many challenges and restrictions faced by international students, it is important that international students are more consciously supported to acquire valuable skills in addition to what they learn in the classrooms.

    SOCIAL EVENTS/SOCIO-CULTURAL PLATFORMS In 2017, I created and organized the first Hallam One Race, one of the biggest events by the Students’ Union that is aimed at bringing both international and home students together to promote and share in our different cultures.As your next international students' rep, we will have more social events where students can network and just chill away from the busy classrooms.

LGBT+ Students' Rep: Ben Roberts

A Voice for Hallam's LGBT+ Community

Let's skip the formalities; LGBT+ students are being let down at this institution. Despite, I am sure, the best wishes of both the previous Rep and the Union Council, too often the issues facing our community are put on the back-burner. In such a heated climate, where homophobia, biphobia and transphobia are on the rise, we need to ensure that the LGBT+ community has a strong voice, a voice willing to stand up for it. I would, with your blessing, be that voice.

I am myself bisexual; and I have seen, in recent years, cases of bi erasure and blatant biphobia take hold at an alarming rate. I have also seen homophobic attacks on the rise, and often-blatent transphobia in even mainstream media sources. It is scary. It is worrying. But we should not cower in fear, and we should not forget who we are. What we need, as a community, is a Students' Rep who will ensure that the Union Council puts the rights, concerns and worries of the LGBT+ community first. I would hope to be that Students' Rep.

So, what will I do as LGBT+ Students' Rep? Big talk is great, but it is nothing if not backed up with action, and intent of action. I assure you, my intent is there.

If elected LGBT+ Students' Rep, I would tireless lobby the Union Council to stand up for LGBT+ rights, and to take a stand on LGBT+ issues. I would use my voice as your representative to ensure that our community is not silenced; to ensure that our community has a voice that cares about it in the halls of power. I would ensure that the Union Council does not forget to stand up for Trans rights, and for our Trans students. I would ensure that the Union Council ensures that there are events, ready and waiting, for members of our community to enjoy themselves.

So, ultimately? I will stand up for this community; and I will never stop.

Mature Students' Rep: Kaz Gipson

Hello, my name is Karly (but you can call me Kaz) I am 33 and I am in my first year of studying Criminology here at Hallam, before attending Hallam I completed a foundation year at University of Sheffield.

Before even attending my first lecture here I had begun the process to set up a mature student group at Hallam. I personally found it unacceptable that a university with over 80 foundation courses (most of which are attended by the 22% of mature students that make up the student body) did not already have one, yet University of Sheffield for all its other faults did and it was an incredible source of support to me in the year I spent there. I wanted that level of support for thepver 7000 mature students here at Hallam, so the idea for HMS was born and as of Jan 2019 Hallam Mature Students became officially ratified. What I want next is to do more I want to bring a very passionate and determined voice to the mature students of Hallam. I will work to:

Be Visible


  • I want to be a voice for mature students in the places that matter.
  • I want to be a presence around both campuses as neither is more important than the other.
  • I want to be there at the start of new mature student's academic journey in every way possible. Be Inclusive
  • I want all mature students to feel included. Age should never be a barrier to trying anything.
  • I want to ensure societies and sports teams are educated and aware of the risk of both conscious and subconscious of bias towards more mature members.

    Be Proactive
  • I want the university to take the needs of mature students into account, from having a member of the mature students committee on hand during inductions, and any open days to speak to prospective mature students about the support available.
  • I want children’s school pick-up and drop-off times taken into account when producing timetables.
  • I want to work with all the other Part Time Reps and Full Time Officers to ensure I always get the best possible outcome for all mature students here at SHU, because I acknowledge the variation of the mature student population, LGBTQ+ to international we have them all and this is a variety to be embraced and celebrated.

    Be Approachable
  • I want to hold a monthly 1-2-1 surgery where all mature students can come and speak to me about any issues they may be facing. This will run alongside the committee events (which I will also do my best to attend) but will be an opportunity for those who can’t attend or would rather a 1-2-1 meeting to voice any concerns they may have.

    Be Liberated
  • I want the mature students officially added to the liberation groups, along with Women’s, Disabled, BME, and LGBT+ mature students can also experience discrimination due to age which is also a legally protected characteristic.
  • I want to move the liberation lounge in the student union to a bigger space to accommodate all liberation groups. The liberation lounge within the union is currently very small and with a new group added, the extra space will be needed.
  • I want to hold an event that celebrates those people who began their higher education journey later in life, but have gone on to achieve great things, and prove that age really should never be a barrier to achieving your dreams.
  • I want the mature student population here at Hallam to know that the University is working for them. But I also want the non-mature students to vote for me because even though I am running for Mature Student Rep many of the issues I want to tackle will affect all members of the student body. For example there are many reasons mature students start their journey later in life and many of these lead to the need for learning contracts when they come to SHU to study. One issue facing the university as a whole is cuts to funding for the various support services around campus which support students with these contracts, which although is an issues that will detrimentally affect a higher proportion of mature students than school leavers it will undoubtedly affect some younger students too.

Women's Rep: Jade Swift

My focus is continuing an agenda of self-worth, empowerment, encouragement and confidence. Having worked hard to come from the bottom, move away from stereotypes to a university degree and beyond and much more inbetween. I have encountered problems along the way, raised two children alone and overcome situations through strength alone.

I am here to help raise issues, be an advocate for your problems and provide you with results, answers and ultimately drive the change for us as women.

Union Council Chair: Claire Storey

I am a mature student at Hallam, studying Software Engineering, though many people know me as the woman who works in the union (in way too many jobs), or as a lacrosse & hockey goalie, or from my involvement with various Societies and Committees at Hallam. I have over a decade of experience of working with Hallam Union, (including having previously been elected as women's rep), and want to apply this knowledge and experience for the benefit of students.

As your next"Union Council Chair" I understand the vital role that union council plays in the decision making and democratic process of Hallam Union. The policies made in the meetings can have a significant impact on all union members and on the lives of students at Hallam.

My goals are as follows:



  • Ensure that Union council meetings are run effectively, and efficiently.
  • Maintain a register of Policies, showing the terms of each Policy and the date of its adoption.
  • Advise Students’ Union Council of any Policy due to lapse within the following calendar month, or prior to the next Students’ Union Council meeting, at each Students’ Union Council meeting.
  • Maintain a neutral opinion on matters and only cast a vote when a tie occurs.
  • Support union council members with queries and requirements (in line with union council policy) to help them attend and participate in meetings.
  • To encourage everyone to keep a positive, and respectful mood from all members in meetings.



The following positions will be elected in Autumn 2019:

  • Postgraduate (Taught) Rep
  • Postgraduate (Research) Rep
  • Part-Time Students' Rep
  • Trans Students' Rep
  • Disabled Students' Rep
  • SSH Faculty Academic Rep
  • Student Parents and Carers' Rep

    If you're interested in any of the above positions, register your interest and we'll keep you directly updated when the next election is happening.