Autumn Elections 2022


We're bringing democracy to the masses at Sheffield Hallam Students' Union! This year, we have more roles up for election than ever before, meaning any student can get involved in their SU, regardless of your experience, skills, or the level of commitment you're ready for.

We've summarised the types of roles available, including the kinds of things you can expect to do in the role, the skills and experience you'll gain, and the time commitment expected. So whether you want to spend all your free time helping students, or if you just want to help for a few hours per semester, there's a role for you!

Once you're ready, select the role you're interested in to be taken to the relevant Nominations page. Remember, you're welcome to withdraw at any point.

Nominations are open now, and will close on Friday 7th October. Questions? Email democracy@shu.ac.uk.

Part-Time Reps

LGBT+ Students' Rep | Parents' and Carers' Rep | BAME Students' Rep | Disabled Students' Rep | Mature Students' Rep | Women's Rep | Disabled Students' Rep

Open Space Reps (x6)

Represent the interests of a demographic of students that you belong to, helping to ensure that the SU and the University are working for them. Open Space Rep positions are open to any student, of any demographic.
Gain experience in campaigning, policy making, and teamwork.
Attend 1-2 Union meetings per month, work with your committee on projects, events and campaigns.


Committee Positions

Women's Committee | LGBT+ Students' Committee | Trans Students' Committee | BAME Students' Committee | Disabled Students' Committee | International Students' Committee | Mature Students' Committee | Sustainability Committee

Work alongside the Rep to help to shape policies, campaigns, and build communities.
Gain experience in campaigns, events, and project management.

Attend Committee meetings from a couple of times per year, and take on additional responsibilities such as events or campaigns.


NUS Delegates

NUS Delegates (x10)

Shape the national strategy of a student-led organisation, and ensure it's working in the interests of students, and represent Hallam students at a national level.
Gain experience in developing strategy, oversight, and engaging with different groups of stakeholders.

Attend NUS National Conference (two-day, in-person event during the week commencing 13th March 2023 - do not nominate yourself for this role if you cannot commit to attending Conference!)