Your Elected Representatives

Your Elected Representatives work alongside the Officer Team to represent your interests and campaign for positive changes to campus life.

Our Liberation and Section Reps provide dedicated representation to specific student communities, acting as an advocate and voice for their needs at the highest levels of Union decision-making. They are joined in Union Council by an elected Chairperson and six Open Spaces Representatives that work to enhance the democratic functioning of our Union and ensure we are the true voice of students at Hallam.

  • Becky Deinde

    Becky Deinde

    BME Students' Rep

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  • Sarah-Jane Wilson

    Disabled Students' Rep

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  • Placeholder

    Emily Greenwood

    LGBT+ Students' Rep

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  • Placeholder


    Mature Students' Rep

  • Misbah Ticklay

    Misbah Ticklay

    Parent and Carers' Rep

  • Harshal Patil

    Harshal Anand Patil

    Part-Time Students' Rep

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  • Sarthak Mondal

    Sarthak Mondal

    Postgraduate Research Students' Rep

  • Placeholder

    Toheeb Adebiyi Adegoke

    Postgraduate Students' Rep

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  • Placeholder

    Thea Matthews

    Trans Students' Rep

  • Iyanu Mobolaji

    Iyanu Mobolaji

    Union Council Chair

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  • Placeholder

    Emily Jones

    Women's Rep

    Email Emily

  • Amara Ezeocha

    Open Space Rep

  • Uju Vanessa Okoroafor

    Open Space Rep

  • Moksha Kottangada Bollikatti

    Open Space Rep

  • Devon Clarke

    Open Space Rep

  • Shivam Kumar

    Open Space Rep

  • Oluwatobi Alonge

    Open Space Rep