Sustainability Campaign

Sustainability Working Committee

Our working committee is a group of students keen on making change & creating sustainable projects! They are supportd by Student Union staff on a variety of projects. Currently they are looking into waste management at the University & are looking to set up a community garden. If you are interested in joining the committee then email democracy@shu.ac.uk. 

Swap Shop 

We've recently launched our Swap Shop!

Staffed by our Cost of Living & Sustainability Volunteers, bring along your clean & good condition clothes that you no longer wear and swap them for the clothes at the shop! If you don't want anything currently in the shop then you can still donate, and you'll come away with a swap shop voucher, meaning you can choose from the swap shop at a later time! 

Located at Heart of the Campus on Collegiate Campus in the Students Union Office & open 10am-2pm. Open to students & staff. 

Community Fridge

With a fantastic grant from Hubbub Foundation, we're setting up a Community fridge! The purpose of the fridge will be to distribute food that would otherwise go to landfill that shops & supermarkets can no longer sell, allowing us to sustainably get free food out to the student community.

The fridge will open on the 3rd of March and will be located in Hideout at the HUBs as part of our Warm space. The fridge will be open 10am-2pm and staffed by our Cost of Living & Sustainability volunteers, you'll need to bring your student card!

Donate, Don't Waste 

We're working with Sheffield City Council and the British Heart Foundation again this year! Donate, Don't Waste is a project where we work together to collect items that would otherwise go to landfill when you move out of your student halls, to instead be donated to charities such as the British Heart Foundation. Keep an eye out in May, where we'll start rolling out our donation areas and our blue bin bags!

Department of Art & Design

The Department of Art & Design are working with ourselves & Dayo, our SSA College Officer, on possible sustainability projects. We're currently reviewing ideas for a clothing repair shop and a community garden! 

Contact Us & Get Involved

Want to run a campaign about sustainability or volunteer with our cost of living & sustainability volunteers? Get in touch with the Student Rights and Campaigns team.

Student Rights and Campaigns team can be contacted at studentrights@shu.ac.uk.

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