Tackling Period Poverty


During Welcome Week you brought period poverty to our attention. Now, we want to empower you to make change.


What is period poverty and why is it important?

Period poverty is when you are unable to access or afford period products because of financial constraints. Sometimes this can also mean individuals have a poor knowledge of menstruation, making the topic one of shame and embarrassment. No one should be held back because of a natural bodily process. We feel that students should be able to manage their menstruation in a safe and comfortable way, without shame or stigma.


What’s currently available?

  • The 'Caught Short on Campus' scheme, provided by the University, allows students to approach the help points across City and Collegiate campus and ask for free period products.
  • Those with financial difficulties can access the Hallam Hardship Fund, or request an Emergency Voucher.

Do you feel the current scheme supports students’ needs? Have you used the scheme? Fill in this short survey to let the University know what you think.

How to get involved

The Caught Short on campus scheme offered by the University is important for those who may need immediate access to period products, but students have indicated to the Students’ Union that they consider period poverty as a key issue that needs to be tackled.

We will be launching our own campaign on period poverty very soon - watch this space! Got any ideas or want to be involved? Let us know - we're keen to know your campaign ideas!

We also want to decrease the stigma around menstruation. Tell us your funniest and/or most awkward period-related stories here!

Organiser and contact details

Email - studentrights@shu.ac.uk

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