Tackling Period Poverty

What is period poverty and why is it important?

Period poverty is when you are unable to access or afford period products because of financial constraints. Sometimes this can also mean individuals have a poor knowledge of menstruation, making the topic one of shame and embarrassment. No one should be held back because of a natural bodily process. We feel that students should be able to manage their menstruation in a safe and comfortable way, without shame or stigma.

We've Got You Covered - funded by donations to the Hallam Fund from alumni, staff, and friends of Sheffield Hallam University.

Period product subscription scheme to support struggling students.

We want to stop menstruation from being a barrier to you living your lives and accessing academia. Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union have created a free monthly subscription to period products for our students. This will be subject to availability so please only apply if in need.

To sign up you just need to provide your student number, email & some basic identity characteristic questions. This data will only be used to contact you as part of the scheme and any protected characteristic data will only be used anonymously for our reports.

In each bag you will receive a supply of 10 tampons & 10 pads for each month in discreet packaging. For the months that go over holiday periods you will be given packs in advance to reflect this (outlined in collection dates). Once signed up you will be sent information about when, where & how to collect your free products. You will be sent reminder emails before each set of collection dates, failure to collect 3 times will result in you being removed from the scheme so others can partake.

You will need to reapply at the start of each academic year. Please only participate in this scheme if struggling to afford period products, we have limited spaces in this scheme.  

If struggling financially or needing any advice, then please contact our Advice Centre. 

Contact Us & Get Involved

Any students and staff interested in supporting us to implement the free product trial, please get in touch at studentrights@shu.ac.uk.

We also want to decrease the stigma around menstruation. Tell us your funniest or most awkward period-related stories!