Mind Your Head


  • For Sheffield Hallam Students Union to campaign on mental health via the Mind Your Head consistently throughout the academic year
  • Pushing the university for better services and providing adequate and effective recommendations to the university, alongside the elected representatives
  • To set out a Strategy on Mental Health that caters for Hallam liberation and marginalised groups: BAME, LGBTQIA+, Women, estranged students and students with disabilities

Read Mind Your Head policy (PDF)


  • The Student Rights and Wellbeing team will be focusing on wellbeing as a key objective
  • Seeking to set up a regular focus group of students, in order to continually receive feedback about student wellbeing. The aim is to find out what we can do as a Students’ Union to improve student wellbeing and how we can work with the University to improve services
  • Regularly meeting with the University to pass on student feedback and communicate changes, such as the recent planned recruitment of a BAME practitioner by the SHUWellbeing service.
  • Your SHSU Officers held a 'Mind Your Head' month in November, with events and activities focused around the Five Ways to Wellbeing, including Cake and Connect in the Hideout and free Zumba.

Organiser and contact details

Demaine Boocock, Campaigns Coordinator

Email - d.boocock@shu.ac.uk

How to get involved

  • Have an idea for a campaign around student wellbeing and mental health? Get in touch with Demaine
  • Register your interest in The Breakfast Club - a wellbeing focus group every month at the Students' Union - with free breakfast! You can view December's event here and sign up here. Spaces are limited and on a first come first served basis.

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