Mind Your Head

Mental Health Matters

  • For Sheffield Hallam Students Union to campaign on mental health via the Mind Your Head consistently throughout the academic year
  • Pushing the university for better services and providing adequate and effective recommendations to the university, alongside the elected representatives
  • To set out a Strategy on Mental Health that caters for Hallam liberation and marginalised groups: BAME, LGBTQIA+, Women, estranged students and students with disabilities

Read Mind Your Head policy (PDF)

Mind Your Head Activity Month

  • As part of our policy offer we're sponsoring different societies & groups to put on free wellbeing events to promote positive activity at Hallam!
  • All events are free and open to any student, check out the list below. 

Latest Updates

  • The Student Rights and Wellbeing team will be focusing on wellbeing as a key objective.
  • Seeking to set up a regular focus group of students, in order to continually receive feedback about student wellbeing. The aim is to find out what we can do as a Students’ Union to improve student wellbeing and how we can work with the University to improve services
  • Regularly meeting with the University to pass on student feedback and communicate changes, such as the recent planned recruitment of a BAME practitioner by the SHUWellbeing service.

Contact Us & Get Involved

  • Have an idea for a campaign around student wellbeing and mental health? Get in touch with Student Rights at StudentRights@shu.ac.uk

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