SSH Faculty Rep

SSH Faculty Rep

SSH Faculty Rep

Position Type: Voluntary, part-time.
Time Commitment: Approx. 3-4 hours per month (until June 2020).
Requirements: You must be a current student in the SSH Faculty.

As the SSH Faculty Rep, you will be responsible for representing all students within the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities. You will give them a voice in important meetings, and influence decisions being made at the University and the Union that will affect them.

You'll have the power and resource to run events and campaigns, or influence policy change, to improve the Hallam experience for SSH students. Think printing costs are too high? Timetabling causing problems? Assignment deadlines too close together? You could work to change these or any other problems you think are important.

It's a fantastic opportunity to make positive change for thousands of students, and gain some useful experience for your CV along the way. You'll receive full training and support throughout, so all you need to bring is the passion and ideas!

If you want more detail on any of the above roles that aren't answered in the FAQs below, just email hallamelections@shu.ac.uk

What does the SSH Faculty Rep actually do? ↓

They attend Union Council meetings (3 times a year, approx. 2 hours each) where key decisions are made about Students' Union policies, campaigns and beliefs. They also can attend senior meetings within their faculty, giving them the ability to talk to senior staff about changes students want to see. Additionally, they can choose to run campaigns and events to introduce or influence change that they think will imrpove the student experience.

Who can be the SSH Faculty Rep? ↓

The only requirement is that you're a current Hallam student within the Social Sciences and Humanities Faculty. Any student - undergraduate or postgraduate, UK or international, first year or final year - who meets this requirement can be the rep. If you're not sure which faculty you're in, drop us an email and we can help.

How big a time commitment is it? ↓

The time commitment is very flexible. It could be just 2-3 hours per month, or much more if you wanted to work on lots of projects. Either way, the work can mostly be fit around your own schedule and studies, so it's very flexible.

What experience do I need? ↓

No specific previous experience is needed, just the right attitude and commitment to the role. Staff are available to support you throughout the year, so you will receive plenty of help and guidance.

What would I gain by being a student rep? ↓

You’d be in a position to make a significant positive difference to students studying at Sheffield Hallam and influence the Students’ Union’s decisions. You’d also get to improve your leadership, decision-making and communication skills, while gaining experience that will look great on your CV and boost your employability.

Want to be our next SSH Faculty Rep?

Want to find out more? Think you might be interested but want to ask some questions first? Book in a quick 'Candidate Coaching' session with one of the elections team and we can talk you through anything you're unsure of: