Rep of the Month

Check back soon and you'll be able to start nominating your Rep of the Month at the start of the academic year 2021/22! Don't forget to get involved. 

The 'Rep of the Month' Award recognises Course Reps who have gone above and beyond in their role. Students, staff and Reps themselves are welcome to nominate any Rep they feel is working hard to represent their Course or Department well, and ultimately to improve the student experience at Sheffield Hallam.

Winners of 'Rep of the Month' receive a small prize (which may vary this year as regulations change!). We also interview all of our winners, to see how they have found the role so far - see below to read about previous winners.

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Rep of the Month

Previous Winners


Academic Year 2020/21


Sidra Javed - April Rep of the Month

Level 7 MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management with Work Placement

Why did you decide to become a Course Rep?

Connecting with people has always been easy for me. So I saw this as an opportunity to help my classmates by giving them a chance to voice their concerns and making them feel more connected to the overall learning experience.  

What’s a positive difference you’ve made as a Course Rep?

Due to Covid'19 the university experience has been challenging for everyone. As far as Online learning goes, some modules worked really well for us while others lacked in some areas. I was able to have one-on-one sessions with Module Leaders and give constructive feedback on how things were looking from our end. As a Course Rep I tried my best to bridge this student-teacher gap that came about due to online teaching. 



Madi Shield - March Rep of the Month

Level 5 FdA Working with Children, Young People and Families



Why did you decide to become a Course Rep?

I became a course rep as I thought I would be able to make a difference to students experience at university and also to improve my communication skills. It also looks really good on your CV. 

What’s a positive difference you’ve made as a Course Rep?

I believe that I have made a difference to the course for the next students joining by giving feedback on the quality of the teaching and the overall university experience. 






Adele Thaxter - January Rep of the Month

Level 7 Specialist Community Public Health Nursing (Health Visitor)

Why did you decide to become a Course Rep?

"I wanted to become a course rep because am an advocate for equality and I also like to help people."

What's a positive difference you've made as a Course Rep?

"It’s nice to know that people feel that they can talk to me and that I have helped my course mates."




Kenzie Bruso - November Rep of the Month

Level 5 Cyber Security with Forensics

Why did you decide to become a Course Rep?

“I decided I wanted to be a Course Rep because I wanted the opportunity to help the other students around me enjoy their time in university and on their course. Having the chance to make a course more enjoyable for not only the current students but the students to come is an amazing feeling.”

What’s a positive difference you’ve made as a Course Rep?

“One positive difference I have made was being able to have a discussion in one of our Course Rep meetings with one of my module leaders where we discussed what students felt was lacking and what could be improved. It was nice to see that by that next day they had already taken some of that feedback and put it into use. From there I heard a lot better things about their module and about them as a person. I think it really changed how people felt about the module and what it had to offer to them.”


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