Staff Resources

Key contacts

Ed Robinson
Representation & Democracy Manager 

Milicent Heaton (SSA)
Representation Team Leader

Lia Green (BTE)
Representation Coordinator

Our HWLS Coordinator position is currently vacant - please email any of the above contacts, or Elena Bowley below, for requests relating to Representation in HWLS.  

Zainab Ata (SSA)
Social Science and Arts College Officer

Adeyemi Otebolaku (BTE)

Business, Technology and Engineering College Officer

Elena Bowley (HWLS)

Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences College Officer

University staff member looking for information about your Course Reps? Use the link below to get your list!

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The Student Rep Survey 


The Students' Union surveys Student Reps each year to gather feedback on how they found the role, recruitment, support, meetings, collecting feedback and ability to make change. Please see the Report for our reccommendations based on this feedback. 

Read here: Student Rep Survey 2020





Staff Information on Student Representation

Course Rep Recruitment Video for Course Leaders


Course Reps 2020/21 - What's Different?

In light of current events, we've made some changes to how Course Reps are recruited and managed for this year - click here to find out more.

You can view last year's Staff Guide below:



Promotional material for Rep Recruitment


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Find My Rep


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Email studentreps@shu.ac.uk 









Rep of the Month!

The Rep of the Month award recognises Course Reps who have gone above and beyond in their role. Students, staff and Reps are welcome to nominate any Rep who is putting extra effort into their role, doing their best to represent everyone and change things for the better. Reps can also nominate themselves! 

The winner will recieve a prize and our praise on social media! Nominations will open later in the year.