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Role Descriptions ↓

Course Rep Role Description

Department Rep Role Description

How to use your rep skills ↓

Employability Skills

Your one stop shop on being a rep - Handbooks ↓

Course Rep Handbook 2021-22

Student Voice Report 2018/19

Student Voice Report 2019/20

How do I gather feedback? ↓

• You can use Google Forms, Survey Monkey or even polls in Facebook groups!
• Keep your questions simple
• Make sure your questions aren't leading respondents to give certain responses

• Ask your lecturer for 5 minutes at the start or the end of a lecture/seminar to gather feedback
• Set up your own informal session to gather feedback from your cohort
• When waiting for a lecture to start, it's likely students will be talking about issues on their course so keep an ear out...

• Use a range of platforms! Different people use different platforms for a range of reasons - use them as you feel appropriate
• Share information and ask questions in the way your course tend to talk to each other already - do you have a course Facebook group or chat you can use?
• Remember not everyone is on social media, so use other methods too

• Click here to learn how to email your coursemates using the Students' Union website
• Use an eye-catching subject line and clear language
• Don't use too much text -- focus on key messages and how what you're saying is relevant to the student

• Hand out 2 post-it notes and ask for a piece of positive feedback and a piece of negative feedback. When you collect them all in, you'll have loads of anonymous feedback!
• Pass a notebook around in lectures with a couple of key questions for people to add their opinion
• Using a ballot box is also a simple way of collecting anonymous feedback

• Get a wide scope of opinion -- don't just talk to your friends!
• Certain people will be more comfortable with certain methods of communication than others so make sure to use a few different ways of collecting feedback

How do I contact my Department Rep? ↓

Your Department Rep plays a huge part in making sure your feedback is represented on Department-wide level!

If you don't know who your Department Reps are, please email studentreps@shu.ac.uk 

What do I do with student feedback? ↓

• These meetings are one of your key opportunities to let staff know what students are thinking!
• They usually occur once a semester. Your Course Administrator will send you the dates, times and locations in advance.
(But you don't just have to wait for these meetings...)

• Don't let an issue escalate! Drop your Course Leader an email and arrange an informal meeting to discuss student feedback at any time of year.

All Student Reps are invited to attend Education Forum. This is an open forum, held by the Students' Union, which talks about anything related to your education. Any problems you've noticed as a Rep, big or small, can be brought here!
You will get the chance to meet other Reps from across the University, see how they're solving problems and get ideas.
Bringing issues to Education Forum means you'll get to raise your issues with your Department Reps, Faculty Reps and Education Officer. Your issues will then be fed into our Students' Union Council - the highest decision making body.

Education Forum
Education Forum tends to be held at 5pm in Coffee Union, The HUBS.

Sheffield Hallam University Rules & Regulations ↓

Student Charter

Rules and Regulations

Guides and Tips ↓

Acronym Buster

Build your profile on the Students' Union website!

Student Guide to Using Evidence

Assessment Feedback Benchmarking Tool

Learning Resources Benchmarking Tool

Assessment Campaigning


NUS Guide to Academic Rights

Mature Students

Students on Placement

Additional training ↓

Rep Training Timetable

Students' Union Skills and Opportunities team

Reward and Recognition! ↓

Use your experience as a Rep to apply for the Hallam Award

The Hallam Award is a personal development programme that helps you make the most of your time here at Hallam. The Award gives you recognition for the extra things you do outside of your course e.g. volunteering, course rep, department rep, or other interests alongside your studies.

Nominate yourself (or someone else!) as Rep of the Month

Who can help? ↓

If you have any questions or problems in your role as a Course Rep, there are staff at Sheffield Hallam Students' Union who can help you. Please email studentreps@shu.ac.uk or get in touch with one of us directly below!

ED ROBINSON Academic Representation Manager
0114 225 3450
Activities Pod, The HUBS, City Campus

LAITH JAAFAR Social Science and Arts College Officer
The Officers’ Office at The HUBS, City Campus

PRAISE ISHOLA Business, Technology and Engineering College Officer
The Officers’ Office at The HUBS, City Campus

GEORGE ALVEY Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences College Officer
The Officers’ Office at The HUBS, City Campus

Within your university department, the key staff you will work with as a Course Rep are your Course Leader and Senior Administrator. They should be able to help if you have any questions about Staff Student Committee Meetings. Please contact us if you are not sure of who this is - we'll find the right person!

0114 225 4148
As a Department Rep, Course Reps or students might approach you with personal problems you don't feel equipped to handle. The Students' Union has an Advice Centre with full-time advisers who can provide information and support on issues ranging from academic appeals to financial advice to housing support!