Department Reps

Representing your academic interests

It's not just your course that you can give feedback on. We want to make sure students have reps who can listen to and support them at all levels.

Your Students' Union recruits one representative from each department to help support the Course Reps within that team and to make sure your feedback is heard at the best level. These students are Department Reps.


What are Departments?

At SHU, there are three colleges. Each of these colleges is split into different departments, which are essentially groups of courses based on subject areas.

Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences

  • Allied Health Professions
  • Biosciences & Chemistry
  • Nursing & Midwifery
  • Sport and Physical Activity
  • Social Work & Social Care & Community Studies

Social Sciences and Arts

  • Art & Design
  • Media, Arts & Communication
  • Humanities
  • Law & Criminology
  • Natural & Built Environment
  • Institute of Education
  • Psychology, Sociology & Politics

Business, Technology and Engineering

  • Service Sector Management
  • Computing
  • Engineering & Maths
  • Finance, Accounting & Business Systems
  • Management

What do Department Reps do?

Department Reps are key to making sure the voices of all students are heard at a higher level, beyond your course specifically. We know that sometimes problems come up for students that are more widely spread, and we want to make sure that your opinions are heard, and changes are made, no matter what the concern is. Department Reps help with this and are paid students dedicated to provide this support.

How do you become a Department Rep?

Department reps are recruited each year in September, and are appointed by the College Officers.

Are you interested in other activities?

Your Students' Union is a democratic organisation that empowers you to fight for change on campus and seek support from elected representatives who have got your back. You can find out more about other ways to get involved in campaigning, elections, policy, who your Officers are and more here.

Want to be a Department Rep?

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Your Department Reps

Business, Technology and Engineering

  • Lucy Lownds (she/her)

    Service Sector Management

    Email Lucy

  • Dom McCollum (he/him)


    Email Dom

  • Morgan Thomas

    Engineering & Maths

    Email Morgan

  • Ellie Toombs (she/her)

    Finance, Accounting and Business Systems

    Email Ellie

  • Becky Malkin (she/her)


    Email Becky

Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences

  • Safa Khan

    Allied Health Professions

    Email Safa

  • Madalena Oliveira (she/her)

    Biosciences & Chemistry

    Email Madalena

  • Meg Jenkins (she/her)

    Nursing & Midwifery

    Email Meg

  • Madi Shield (she/her)

    Social Work & Community Studies

    Email Madi

  • Meg Ashford (she/her)


    Email Meg

Social Sciences and Arts

  • Joe Waits (he/him)

    Art & Design

    Email Joe

  • Molly Hodgkinson (she/her)


    Email Molly

  • Molly Rose Loonam (she/her)


    Email Molly

  • Ferdaws (Fee) Samir (she/her)

    Law & Criminology

    Email Fee

  • Lily O'Keeffe (she/her)

    Media, Arts & Communication

    Email Lily

  • Sam Baddeley (he/him)

    Natural & Built Environment

    Email Sam

  • Daras Caesar Odera (he/him)

    Psychology, Sociology and Politics

    Email Daras