Rep Awards

Representation Awards at SHSU

Thank you to those of you who nominated, we are thrilled to have had nearly 100 nominations! This year you nominated your Course Reps, your Department Reps and your staff who support and work with Reps, for a brand new set of categories, including:

  • The Fantastic Feedback Award
  • The Communication Excellence Award
  • Active Contribution and Participation Award
  • Best at "Closing the Feedback Loop" Award
  • Collaboration Brilliance Award
  • Widespread Change and Impact Award
  • Reliability and Stability Award
  • Inspirational Rep of the Year
  • Staff Representation Champion

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What your reps have done for you this year

Our Reps have done incredible things this year. Find out what happened in each College...

Your Winners!

We are thrilled to announce the winners of our 2021/22 Representation Awards. You are all incredible!

Fantastic Feedback Award

Your winner is: Molly Loonam

Your runner up is: Ferdaws Rashad

Communication Excellence Award

Your winner is: Meghan Jenkins

Your runner up is: Jack Carey

Active Contribution and Participation Award

Your winner is: Gary, Wai Tong Tang

Your runner up is: Molly Galpin

Best at 'Closing the Feedback Loop' Award

Your winner is: Emma Stafford

Your runners up are: Dominic McCollum & Ngoc Tram Tran

Collaboration Brilliance Award

Your winner is: Lucy Lownds

Your runner up is: Roopesh Kadimisetty

Widespread Change and Impact Award

Your winner is: Krishna Harish

Your runner up is: Meghan Jenkins

Reliability and Stability Award

Your winner is: Safa Khan

Your runner up is: Sam Baddeley

Inspirational Rep of the Year Award

Your winner is: Sara Raza

Your runners up are: Madalena de Oliveira & Molly Galpin

Staff Representation Champion Award

Your winner is: John Freeman

Your runner up is: Lia Green

Your Nominees

We are pleased to showcase the incredible reps and staff who were nominated for 2021/22 Rep Awards!

  • Faizan Naseer

    Course Rep

    "Relatively I understand to Live Life Fully"

  • Dominic McCollum

    Department Rep

    “Everyone in representation has worked tirelessly this year. It’s great to be singled out with a nomination, but I would have achieved nothing without the other reps and staff. Had I known it would just take an Easter egg hunt to get nominated, I could’ve saved myself some work!”

  • Meghan P Jenkins

    Department Rep

    “Kindness Always Comes Back Around”

  • Lucian Tipi

    Head of Teaching and Learning Enhancement

    “When I joined Hallam, I thought that being an academic is easy! Now I know better. What makes it worthwhile though is working every day on how to make students’ Uni experiences better. A highlight is working with all of the student reps - keeps my mind young!”

  • Sara Raza

    Course Rep

    "Every person can make a difference and every person should try" - John F Kennedy "the service you do for others is the rent you pay for your room on earth" -Muhammed Ali

  • Diamond Fianka

    Course Rep

    "When you have an opportunity to help someone, render the help without expecting anything in return. To achieve your goals and dreams, you have to be consistent, determined, diligent, trust your instincts and believe in your God .  #Better days are ahead and you will get there soon"

  • Jack Carey

    Course Rep

    "Most of us are at uni because we're interested in our subjects, so I think it's important to engage with your course as much as possible and help others do the same too. Being a course rep has been a great way to do that."

  • Becky Malkin

    Department Rep

    "Nothing in life is impossible as long as you take that first step"

  • Aderonke Alimi

    Course Rep

    "With me, there is no dull moment. I like being adventurous. It is one of my happiest traits, and I enjoy extending happiness to people around me. This makes me a people person, and putting smiles on their faces makes me happy."

  • Vaishnavi Chavan

    Course Rep

    "YOU MATTER, YOU ARE YOUR CHOICES. And thus, the representation of YOU is equally important to me."

  • Gowtham Selvam

    Course Rep

    "Sharing your insights with others will give you a plethora of satisfaction"

  • Caesar Daras

    Department Rep

    “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow just as well"

  • John Freeman

    Student Experience Lead

    “Listening to, and representing students’ views for me, is about ensuring that all students have the opportunity to do their best, and that they feel valued and listened to, and importantly that we work together to make their experience at Hallam the best it can be.”

  • Ellie Toombs

    Department Rep

    "I've had an amazing time studying at Sheffield Hallam, and being part of the student representation for both my course and my department has been a fulfilling experience! It's an honour to be nominated for a Representation Award."

  • Terasa Daquila

    Course Rep

    “Student engagement and partnership is an essential core component in the design, delivery and review of a high-quality educational provision. With this in mind I am delighted to have had the opportunity to once again represent a phenomenal cohort of students at SHU and work alongside the fantastic teaching team”

  • Krishna Harish

    Course Rep

    “Being an effective representative requires being in touch with what students want all the time, and it also includes sticking up for choices and negotiating them with students, instructors, and even the Student's Union!!”

  • Lucy Lownds

    Department Rep

    “Feedback is so important to get things to work to the best ability giving help to us now and students in the future.”

  • Veenisha Fatnani

    Course Rep

    “Opportunities don't happen, you create them!”
    “Sometimes we get overwhelmed looking at the height of our journey and the uncertainty of the future. But don't forget to stop, breathe and think about all the positive steps you have taken to reach where you are.”

  • Merlin Inamdar

    Course Rep

    "Often when people compliment me on being lucky, my brain simply autocorrects them by saying, "I'm blessed, not lucky,". I don't believe in miracles. I count on them. I believe that life is too short to keep whining. Get up, get out and do it! Never regret something that made you smile. ?"

  • Sarah Cornelly

    Course Rep

    "The key to happiness is to surround yourself with people that make you feel safe and supported and as a student rep this is all I want to do!”

  • Madalena De Oliveira

    Department Rep

    "You never know how strong you are until you do jail time."- Real Housewives of New Jersey.

  • Daisy Brookes

    Course Rep

    "Every representation team should have a ginger to spice it up a little bit"

  • Molly Loonam

    Department Rep

    "I see my role in representation as simple - it’s making sure that all of our voices, backgrounds, and feelings are present in one room. It’s about valuing the student experience for everyone, and at all times."

  • Ngoc Tram Tran

    Course Rep

    "If others can do it, let them do it ??"

  • Emma Stafford

    Course Rep

    Victoria Huang once wrote "In a multicultural, diverse, multifaceted society, it is vital to amplify the voices and share the stories of all". When I read this , it really resonated with me which inspired me to get involved in Hallam's representative team and try my hardest to ensure people's voices were being heard."

  • Lia Green

    Representation Coordinator

    "When you can’t find the sunshine be the sunshine”

  • Emma Rose

    Course Rep

    "I feel as though everyone know matter what should have a voice and that we all need a advocate when we don’t have a voice and turn the negative into a positive."

  • Ryno Groenewald

    Course Rep

    "My name has nothing to do with the animal."
    "I became a student rep to be the intermediary between staff and the course, to represent their views through our tumultuous time at university."

  • Elin Ivansson

    Course Rep

    "Postgraduate study can be a lonely journey, so building a network for postgrads at SHU is very important. By sharing the road together, we can help support and guide each other to the finish line!"

  • Joe Waits

    Department Rep

    "Don't ask, don't get..."

  • Morgan Thomas

    Department Rep

    "Representation is key in ensuring that everyone gets equal opportunity, it provides a platform in which everybody's voice is heard."

  • Madi Shield

    Department Rep

    "My top tip would be for students to get in touch with your Course Rep with any issue big or small, positive and negative, as it really helps Department Reps when giving feedback to Course Leaders and College Officers!"

  • Roopesh Kadimisetty

    Course Rep

  • Safa Khan

    Department Rep

  • Dhaval Mahajan

    Course Rep

  • Molly Galpin

    Department Rep

    "I'm incredibly proud of the work I have contributed to within the education department and beyond. Thank you to the SU staff and Education department staff who have supported me along the way ?"
  • Ana Maria Crigan

    Course Rep

  • Gary, Wai Tong Tang

    Course Rep

  • Lizzie Freeman

    Course Rep

  • Ferdaws Rashad

    Department Rep

  • Sam Baddeley

    Department Rep

  • Shubham

    Course Rep

  • Sruthi Mirium Sam

    Course Rep

  • Vasim Shaik

    Course Rep