New Officer model

Should Sheffield Hallam Students' Union replace the existing student officer model with a new model more closely aligned to students' academic experience?

Voting FOR this motion would introduce the six new elected Officer roles. Voting against this motion means the current five elected Officer positions will remain in place.

Over the last six months, Sheffield Hallam Students' Union has undertaken the largest consultation event in its history. We've been asking you, our students, what you want from your Students' Union over the next five years as we enter our new strategy.

The findings have been clear. The vast majority of students stated that they want the Students' Union to focus first and foremost on supporting students academically, and there was a clear demand for a greater Students' Union presence where they work and study.

Following this consultation, the Students' Union are proposing a radical change to our elected officer team. The new model will ensure each of the three new Colleges have their own elected representatives, with elected full time Officers representing students in the Colleges of Business, Engineering and Technology; Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences; and Social Sciences and Arts. This ensures we put students academic interests at the heart of what we do, and that we provide a clear Students' Union presence where our students are. The Officers will spend time with students and University staff in Departments, working to make the student experience even better. Alongside this, we have recognised the need to ensure students are supported to remain mentally and physically healthy, and are proposing the introduction of a Wellbeing, Sport and Physical Activity Officer. We also recognise the unique struggles faced by International students, and would be including an International Students' Officer amongst the team. The team will be led by an elected President, who will focus on developing the Students' Union.

These six new roles would replace the five existing roles, meaning that the current roles of Education Officer, Welfare and Community Officer, Sports and Physical Activity Officer and Activities Officer are no longer in effect. The existing part time Faculty Academic and International Students' Rep roles would be merged into the new full time posts.

The remits of the new Officers would be:


  • Student leadership of the Students' Union, through engagement and governance.
  • Responsibility for student leadership of non-academic societies.
  • Primary representative on senior SHU Boards and the senior student leader on the Trustee Board.
  • Responsible for leading the Elected Officer and Elected Student team.

College Officers x3 (Business, Engineering and Technology, Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences, Social Sciences and Arts)

  • Responsible for representing students academic interests at a college level, including sitting on College level Boards.
  • Responsible for supporting and leading Department Reps and Academic Societies within their College.
  • Responsible for promoting student welfare issues at College level, as well as ensuring the College provides an inclusive and equitable experience for all students.
  • Responsible for driving engagement at College level, contributing to a sense of belonging and engaging members of the College with the wider Students' Union.

Wellbeing, Sport and Physical Activity Officer

  • Responsible for ensuring SHSU and SHU puts student wellbeing at the core of its activity and driving initiatives aimed at enhancing students physical and emotional wellbeing.
  • Primary representative for students on Boards such as the University Health and Wellbeing Board, the Student Experience Committee and Sports Board.
  • Responsible for ensuring SHSU and SHU provide opportunities for students to enhance their physical and emotional wellbeing.
  • Working with College Officers, co-responsibility for supporting College level initiatives to address student physical and mental health issues.

International Students' Officer

  • Responsible for ensuring SHSU and SHU retain a global outlook, including acting as the primary representative on SHU level boards around global engagement.
  • Responsible for supporting International Student groups in their integration into SHU and for leading campaigns on issues relating to international students and internationalisation.
  • Responsible for supporting International and Cultural Societies and enhancing engagement with SHSU from overseas students.
  • Responsible for ensuring SHU provides opportunities and home and international students to participate as global citizens.