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Governance Review

Should Sheffield Hallam Students' Union make changes to its Articles of Governance?

Sheffield Hallam Students' Union is changing. These proposed changes to the Articles of Governance introduce new elected roles, provide avenues for students to shape the Union through online policy submission, creates avenues for Officer accountability and introduces Committees to shape the activities of its student groups.

Sheffield Hallam Students' Union is run by students for students, and the Articles of Governance form the basis of how the Students' Union is run and how decisions are made.

The Articles of Governance were last reviewed in 2014, and since then the Union, the University and the Higher Education system in the UK have all undergone fundamental changes.

In the 2018 Membership Survey, only 43% of students said they understood how the Students' Union is run, with just 42% feeling they can influence the way the Students' Union makes decisions. The proposed changes to the Articles of Governance aim to make it easier for students to influence the Students' Union and shape the direction of the organisation.

The following changes are being proposed:

  • New Committees will be introduced, making it easier for students to make decisions on how Societies, Volunteering, Sports, Welfare and Education activities are run within the Students' Union.

  • Liberation and Section Reps will have Committees, meaning LGBT+, Trans*, BME, Women, Disabled and International Students will have broader representation.

  • The Elected President of the Students' Union would become Co-Chair of the Trustee Board, meaning the student YOU elect will act as the co-leader of the highest decision making body in the Students' Union.

  • Student Trustees will be elected, meaning you have the power to choose who represents you on the Trustee Board.

  • New elected representative posts will be created for Trans* Students and Student Parents and Carers.

  • The Postgraduate Representative role will be split into two roles, one for Taught Postgraduate Students and one for Research Postgraduate Students.

  • New Accountability Panels will be created to make it easier to see how the Officers and Representatives you elect are performing.

  • New online policy submission processes will be introduced, making it easier for all students to shape Union policy.

  • New sub-committees of Union Council will be created to oversee the Students' Union's policy and campaigning activity.

  • New sub-committes of the Trustee Board will be created to oversee the Finance and Risk and Human Resources of the Students' Union.

Voting FOR this motion would make all of these changes to the Students' Union. Voting against this motion means the current Articles of Governance will remain in place.