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If you are interested in volunteering with the Uni Boob Team this year, 'purchase' your free membership and come along to their first team meeting (details below).


Project Aim: Uni Boob Teams have been shouting from the rooftops about boob-checking since 2010, and they’re not going to stop any time soon. This kick-ass collective of student volunteers are on a mission to get you talking about and checking your boobs. From hosting boob-ball matches to pop-up salons the infamous glitter party, they’ve got an impressive armoury of weapons when it comes to fighting the good boob-checking fight! The SHSU Uni Boob Team leader needs Volunteers to support her to spread the word and get students talking about and checking their boobs or pecks (guys are included in this awareness)! As a Team you will be given missions to complete over the course of two semesters, this is a great opportunity to work as a team to spread awareness of a worthy cause. There will be missions to complete through the year; as a team you will decide the exact dates, they tend to take place between November and April. You will have additional meetings to plan the missions. UBT will aim to meet every other week to keep the team on track to complete your missions.

Hours per week:1-2

Expenses for travel can be reimbursed by SHSU for more information on this see the Volunteering Handbook. 


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