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SWSS is a revolutionary socialist group that actively campaigns against all forms of oppression, imperialism and attacks on our living standards.  We engage with anti-racist, anti-oppression and anti-austerity groups to fight for a society that benefits the many, not the few. We organise and participate in political activity such as fundraising events, demonstrations and rallies.

We also hold regular meetings, discussions and educationals on a broad range of topics to develop knowledge and understanding of socialist politics and theory.

We say:
- Refugees are welcome! Open the borders! Let them in!
- No to racism, fascism and Islamophobia
- No to oppression of disabled people, LGBT and women
- Stop the Tory cuts. Defend public services. Free education & healthcare for all
- Liberate Palestine
- Stop climate change

SWSS meets every Wednesday at 4pm, currently on zoom.

If you would like to join SWSS or attend a meeting, please contact us at SWSShallam@gmail.com


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