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Hello everyone!

Thank you for showing an interest in our Harry Potter and Quidditch society! 



We mainly are a bunch of people who all love Harry Potter, Quidditch, or in many cases both! We mainly have craft nights, movie nights and "unofficial bar crawls".

Some of us take part in playing Quidditch as a hobby and for fun and some even compete in regional and national tournaments as well as Varsity.


We also arrange events such as:

  • "Wizard Dueling" - Laser Quest
  • "Gnome Throwing" - Bowling
  • "Flying Lessons" - Trampoline parks
  • "Potion class" - Cocktail/mocktail making
  • "Gobstones" - Crazy golf
  • Midnight screenings 
  • Competitions

All of these events give you a chance to win points for the House Cup! The house you get sorted into will also mean any event you attend, you will gain points for your house.  With events which have scores, we normally give out between 50-200 points depending how well each house does.



All of you have registered an interest in the society, however if you wish to join, please purchase membership from the student union (option to the right of this text =>)

Membership is £5 and gets you a reduction on events throughout the year, as well as helps us to buy McNuggets and Domino's for movie nights!

If any of you wish to keep updated with events please see our Facebook Page or keep an eye out on our Instagram and Twitter.

If any of you wish to be updated by email please let one of us know. 

Hope to see you soon!





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