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Our main objective is to provide a middle ground for both sceptics and non-sceptics to have fair and open discussions. A place to talk about stupid conspiracies and those that seem plausible. We aim to have fun and serious sessions— explain how reptiles control the world or even talk about the 1%, we'll do our best to give you a place to speak. As serious as we may seem, we are equally aiming for a place to meet new people and have fun together with a variety of activities. 

For fun:

  • Quizzes

  • Social Meetings (Spoons)

  • Interactive games

  • Potentially an ARG


Sign up today and get involved! Let’s talk about how Finland doesn't actually exist!

https://discord.gg/FJPYyKj (Join our discord, it's the best way to stay up to date and meet everyone!)



*Tinfoil hats may be required.





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