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If you want to get involved with Beyond the Body please contact the volunteering team on volunteering@shu.ac.uk and we will let you know the next meeting date.

If you're unsure which project you would like to volunteer with or would like to discuss additional support from the volunteering team please book in for an informal chat.

Project Aim: Are you conscious of the damaging and consistent negative attitudes to body image? Are you tired of the mixed messages around what we’re supposed to look like? Are you fed up of social media normalising unrealistic body types? If you would like to have a role in changing these negatives into positives and help build up body confidence and self-esteem within teenagers, then look no further.

This exciting opportunity will see you, as part of a team of volunteers; go into the community to deliver workshops to teenagers exploring topics around body confidence and self-esteem. These workshops will be designed by the team, giving you a chance to get creative to promote positive attitudes towards body image. You will also explore self-care methods and deliver these techniques to young people which they can use after the sessions. By doing this, you will have a long-lasting impact on the wellbeing of young people. Sessions will give you a chance to chat with teenagers in small groups, building up discussions and debates around the topics.

You will be enthusiastic in encouraging young people to take part in a supportive environment. You will be at the forefront of demonstrating to young people that one size does not fit all, and that there are more important aspects to an individual than looks and body size. You will help to bring out confidence in teenagers and help them find what’s really unique about them, showing them that everyone is remarkable.

Hours per week:1-2

Volunteers on this project will need to complete Safeguarding training and a DBS Check which will be done by the Volunteering Team at SHSU. Information on this will be sent once you are on the project. Expenses for travel can be reimbursed by SHSU for more information on this see the Volunteering Handbook. 


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