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We take on people completely new to diving every year. The training we give will take you to the level of BSAC Ocean Diver, a qualification that you can use anywhere in the world to dive up to 20m.

At SHSUSAC we are committed to providing SCUBA training at the cheapest possible price, whilst maintaining the highest standards. To this day we remain one of the cheapest places to learn SCUBA in the United Kingdom

We run trips throughout the year to dive sites across the UK.

If you do not find the answers to all your questions on this union page, then please visit our website or contact us directly. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

Getting Started

Little - No experience welcome, kits provided, though you can bring your own. We can train from novice to dive leader.

If you have dived before, we also accept PADI trainees! You should be easily able to swap over to BSAC and continue training at whatever level you are.


£90 Club membership Fee which includes: use of club kit, qualified instructor based teaching, access to the pool and air refills. £28 BSAC Membership Fee is also required to cover the insurance side of things, keeping you safe.


We Aim to do 1 training trip a semester at least to inland UK dive sites.
For Qualified Divers we hope to have trips around the UK i.e. Plymouth, Eyemouth and Farnes!

We also have an Annual Summer Trip, previously we’ve been to places such as Malta, Gran Canaria and Egypt!

We still hope to have our awesome end of year trips and trips to outdoor dive sites will be safe and organised with great care.



We will be anouncing this in the next few days and on Friday when we have a welcome week event for you to come and meet the club and have some fun!


We run socials every week, from VirtualPub every Wednesday at 8pm where we get together over zoom and chat or play games, to organised fundraising events that you can take part in safely!

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