Organisation Details

Women's Committee

The women’s liberation committee is made up of a board of self-defining women representatives from different demographics within the university. These women will meet on a monthly basis to collaborate on projects to strive for equality, to voice issues, and to support, help and represent women within the university. Together we will work together to strive for equality and a university that provides equal opportunities and combats sexism. Alongside this we will collaborate with other liberation groups and make real change.
After the initial meeting where the women’s liberation committee will outline their targets for the year, the committee will be open to all members of the public to attend. This is because we would like as many women as possible to get involved.
The Women’s liberation committee will be made up of many members including the part time women’s representative & will organise Women's History Month and the Women in Leadership Conference. There are several positions available to run for, if you're interested in being a part of the Women's Committee please register your interest here.