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Why Join Us?

We are a non-judgemental respectful society that prides itself on being a key support network for those interested in witchcraft and spirituality. Joining this society will enable you to 

  •  Connect with like-minded, non-judgemental, welcoming individuals.
  •  Learn more about witchcraft, spirituality, and yourself. Develop spiritually and emotionally and learn to live to intune with nature.
  •  Have fun and create amazing memories with a diverse and magical family.

What We do?

  • The Witchcraft and spirituality society is exactly what you'd expect it to be. we offer a safe space for people to either practice, participate, and learn about all things related to witchcraft and spirituality. as well as helping individuals to develop a deeper and more personal relationship/understanding with spirituality through events, activities, and discussions.

  • We strive to create a community that will help support one another in both personal and spiritual development, by creating a non-judgmental and respectful community

  • Although our members follow a variety of paths, we are always respectful of each other's differing views, accepting and supporting one another no matter what, just like one big, eccentric family.

When and Where?

  • Due to the current Situation regarding Covid-19, our events will be held through virtual sessions online, However, when things return to normal there will be regular posts about where the events will be held.

       Key Events (Wheel of the Year)

Mabon/Autumn (21st September)

Another time of the year for perfect balance Night and day are again of equal length and in perfect equilibrium - dark and light, masculine and feminine, inner and outer, in balance. But we are again on the cusp of transition and from now the year now begins to wane and from this moment darkness begins to defeat the light.

In terms of life path, it is the moment of reaping what you have sown, time to look at the hopes and aspirations of Imbolc and Ostara and reflect on how they have manifested. It is time to complete projects, to clear out and let go of that which is no longer wanted or needed as we prepare for descent so that the winter can offer a time for reflection and peace. And it is time to plant seeds of new ideas and hopes which will lie dormant but nourished in the dark, until the return of Spring.

Samhain/Halloween (31st October)

Samhain is one of the major festivals of the Wheel of the Year, for many Pagans the most important festival of all. as Sun King is sacrificed back to the land with the seed until the Winter Solstice, and the Goddess, now as Crone, mourns Him until His rebirth at Yule. He travels the Underworld learning its wisdom. This is the time of the descent into darkness, of pre-conception, out of which new life, new ideas, will eventually emerge. Traditionally the veils between the worlds are at their thinnest now. Boundaries dissolve and all is laid bare. It is time to honour and offer hospitality to, our ancestors.

At Samhain, the dark half of the year commences. It is a truly magical time. Death is always followed by rebirth and while this is the end of the old year, it is the beginning of the new year.  Darkness is fertile with 'all potential'. With the beginning of this dark phase comes the opportunity to rest and reflect on the past and to dream of new beginnings.

Yule/Winter Solstice (21st December)

At the Winter Solstice, we reach the depth of that darkness with the longest night of the year. Darkness has reached its peak and will last through until the new year. But at Yule, a wonderful thing happens. The Sun stops its decline and for a few days, it rises in about the same place. This is the crucial time, the cusp between events. The Sun stands still, and everyone waits for the turning.

Imbolc/Candlemas (1st Feb) - 

Imbolc is traditionally the great festival and honouring of Brigid (Brighid, Bride, Brigit), a Goddess of healing, poetry, and smithcraft. She is a Goddess of Fire, of the Sun, and of the Hearth. She brings fertility to the land and its people and is closely connected to midwives and new-born babies. She is the Triple Goddess, but at Imbolc, she is in her Maiden aspect.

Marks the beginning of the lambing season and signals the beginning of Spring and the stirrings of new life.  All is pregnant and expectant. It is the promise of renewal, of hidden potential, of earth awakening and life-force stirring. Here is hope. We welcome the growth of the returning light and witness Life's insatiable appetite for rebirth

Ostara/Spring Equinox (21st March)-

A point of perfect balance on the journey through the Wheel of the Year. Night and day are of equal length and in perfect equilibrium - dark and light, masculine and feminine, inner and outer, in balance.  The natural world is coming alive, the Sun is gaining in strength and the days are becoming longer and warmer. It is the first day of Spring! Ostara takes its name after the Germanic goddess, Eostre/Ostara, who was traditionally honoured in the month of April with festivals to celebrate fertility, renewal, and re-birth.

Beltane (April 30th – 1st May)

Beltane honours Life. It represents the peak of Spring and the beginning of Summer. Earth energies are at their strongest and most active. All of life is bursting with potent fertility and at this point in the Wheel of the Year, the potential becomes conception. On May Eve the sexuality of life and the earth is at its peak. Abundant fertility, on all levels, is the central theme. The Maiden goddess has reached her fullness. She is the manifestation of growth and renewal. Together the May Queen and the May King are symbols of the Sacred Marriage (or Heiros Gamos), the union of Earth and Sky, and this union has merrily been re-enacted by humans throughout the centuries. For this is the night of the Greenwood Marriage. It is about sexuality and sensuality, passion, vitality, and joy. And about conception. A brilliant moment in the Wheel of the Year to bring ideas, hopes, and dreams into action.

Litha/Summer Solstice (June 21st)

This is the peak of the Solar year and the Sun is at the height of its life-giving power. The Earth is awash with fertility and fulfillment and this is a time of joy and celebration, of expansiveness and the celebration of achievements. As the Light reaches its peak so this is also the moment when the power of the Sun begins to wane. From now on the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer, and we are drawn back into the Dark to complete the Wheel of the Year.

Lammas/Lughnassadh (August 1st/2nd)

Lammas is the celebration of this first, Grain Harvest, a time for gathering in and giving thanks for abundance. It is also the great festival of Lugh, or Lug, the great Celtic Sun King and God of Light. August is His sacred month when He initiated great festivities in honour of His mother, Tailtiu. Feasting, market fairs, games, and bonfire celebrations were the order of the day. Circle dancing, reflecting the movement of the sun in sympathetic magic, was popular, as were all community gatherings. August was considered an auspicious month for handfastings and weddings.


The committee 


  • President: Ben Wood 
  • Vice President: Alene Rayamajhi
  • Secretary: Maggie Mumby
  • Equality & Diversity Officer: Alice Paterson
  • Treasurer: Yoosuf Belal

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