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Project aim

Another Chance aims to help homeless people, and those who are in need, across Sheffield and South Yorkshire. We want to make an impact from a social point of view and improve the lives of those who, for whatever reason, have ended up in the streets. We also want to remove the stigma of the homeless: you cannot judge without having the whole story. That is the whole point of being “another chance”, we are here to listen, and move forward. 

Ideally, we would also be responsible for workshops to teach basic skills, such as grammar, sewing, cooking, or hobbies like knitting or origami. 

Regardless of our fields of study, we always find skills that can be used to help others, so do not feel like you would not fit in Another Chance. Everyone is welcome, and every one of us can help this community. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Hours per week

1-2 hours 

Is a DBS/additional training required


General Information 

All members, including those in projects, are asked to attend the weekly General Meeting. This meeting is mainly used as a time to make announcements, work on projects and also as an opportunity to seek help and assistance from committee members. The time commitment for this meeting is included in the “Hours per week” calculation. 

While there are currently two ongoing projects under Enactus Sheffield Hallam, new and existing members alike will always have opportunities to pitch new ideas for the team to pursue. 

For more information please feel free to email enactus.hallam@gmail.com


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